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  1. I just brought home the ultraviolet and tourmaline duffles, and they price adjusted the berry I just bought less than two weeks ago.

    I was disappointed with my first berry for being too stiff and wrinkled and bought a replacement. The replacement is still stiff but very smooth. The leather on the other duffles is completely different. The tourmaline is so soft and smooshy, and the ultraviolet is somewhere in between the two.

  2. Love your duffle assortment. The UV seems to have the right amount of slouch. Now you can mix and match the straps and tassels. How Fun!!
  3. The leather on the tourmaline is killing me... in a good way. It's SO soft.
  4. i love the berry color!
    nice collection!!
  5. Omg.... I just bought my mom the berry. I should go check the leather on my purchase, but right after admiring your two new duffles. Lovely colors :girlsigh:. Congrats on your expanding collection.
  6. Love the trio of colors!

    Did you see the new fob pics? They would be lovely on your bag colors (if you are into fobs).
  7. No, what new fobs? I am into fobs... but mostly the leather ones, not the metal or pave ones.

    I actually kind of love the cow fob on the berry one. No clue why.
  8. So beautiful!!! I had the UV and Violet delivered today, chose UV because is so vibrant!! I love your colors. Have you tried mixing the straps and tassels?
  9. Love all your duffles, they are all so pretty. Congrats.
  10. Pretty colors!
  11. All three are stunning bags. I love the new bright colors, enjoy.
  12. Let us know if the berry softens up with use.... I think i may have to order one in the berry.....
  13. Wow, beautiful colors.
  14. Those are beautiful colors! Congratulations on them!
  15. Wow! The colors are gorgeous! Do they all have the same color lining?