PCE In June?????

  1. Has anyone heard if there will be a PCE in June?
    If so are you saving up for it?:smile:
  2. The SA's in my favorite Coach boutique assured me that there will indeed be a PCE in June. I certainly hope they are right. Yes, I am trying to set some money aside. My sons asked me what I want for Mom's Day and I said Coach gift cards. I will do everything in my power to save them for June.
  3. My SA dropped a hint of one in June - cards might be sent first week or so.
  4. I'm hoping so!! I'm saving up for my Ali - also asked for gift cards for Mother's Day!! Fingers crossed!
  5. I hope you ladies get them. I know it will be hard to not spend it right away!
  6. I'm saving up. The 1st thing on my PCE list is the Charlee sunglasses.
  7. geez. am i the only one getting sick of pce? i though they were cutting back on them?
  8. Does anyone have an inkling if the next pce will include ergo stuff?
  9. They never exclude things that are already available for purchase. I was able to get my large Ergo tote LAST time. :yes:
  10. Ohh, I'll ask tomorrow. Hubby can get my bday Carly with it!!
  11. I haven't participated in one yet, so I hope they don't. I bought a bag that was over $300 w/tax. Do you think they'll send me a card?
  12. The next one will probably excludes stuff coming out in June or July.
  13. It feels like we just finished discussing the March pce! I haven't used my bag yet from the last one, I REALLY don't need anything right now.

  14. I think you are. I don't mind getting 25% off my purchases.
  15. OK!!! I haven't had a discount on Coach ever (except at the outlet).