PCE in June........IS THIS FOR SURE??

  1. I asked an SA at a different store than my regular store about there being another pce in june and one of the managers said NO. I heard on here that there was going to be one...........so is that a rumor or what. Any info ladies???

    I already found another bag I want to get! :yes:
  2. its only a for sure thing when they announce it...june is our estimate for when it usually is.

    its a cycle that looks like: march, june, sept, dec
  3. I actually asked the SA at our Coach boutique today about the next PCE and she said that Coach is probably cutting them down to two a year and it "could be Christmas" before the next one. She put me down as a Preferred Customer when I asked, though. Filled out a couple of things they had. I didn't know you could do that.
  4. what did you fill out?
  5. She did something on the computer, then there was a form that's the same material as the care cards Coach puts in the bags, I remember it was bordered with their vermillion and brown branding. I put down all kinds of information on it, down to what my favorite bag colors were and what sizes I liked.

    I don't think many people see that; I think it's something the SA's use on specific customers. But since I've been in there 4 days in the past week-- well.... *blush*:shrugs:
  6. oh ok, i thought you had put in something that guarnateed your next PCE...
  7. Called my local store they said late fall, Christmas, shrugs. boo hoo.
  8. Well, see, it did. Because I asked her about the next PCE and she said probably not until december, and I pouted and said I had better get an invite and that it sucked that it was so far away and she gave me this coy little smile, did something on the computer, then pulled out that thing and we filled it out. When she took it back from me she said "this way we'll be sure to send you an invite."


  9. that's so awesome, not the late PCE thing, but that the SA was so great
  10. They are AMAZING here. But I live in Arkansas, and it's so small-town that people here are just really friendly. We've never had a Coach store here up until this new one opened up last fall, and they are constantly overwhelmed by the wealthy elite that have moved here to get away from the big city-- our town has gotten full of these people in the past few years.

    Either way, the SA's are making a lot of money to do what they do, but it was really great to have one be so nice about it because since everyone here refers to the PCE as the Holy Grail I was afraid the SA would consider it bad taste to mention it!:wlae:
  11. yup. but they are never for sure. they can stop it or skip it at any time.
  12. That is so totally awesome! What a great SA!
    Too bad we have to wait until December but hey that
    will give us time to save up for it!!!!:smile:
  13. i just got off the phone with my SAs (one in CA and one in RI) and they said there is never a guarantee that you will get a card even if you filled out the form that you did. but so far i have made sure i spend at least 400 per PCE period so i usually get a card.
  14. Did they confirm or deny what my SA said about the late fall/early winter PCE and only doing two a year from now on?:supacool:
  15. Aww, I wish it was in May.
    But I guess I could save my birthday money to use as seed money for a new bag.