PCE haul #2...

  1. So, I went in to Coach today to return my canvas Carly (bought before I realized we could order the Choc. Carly). Anyway, it was the first time I saw the new bags and OMG!! They totally sucked me in! I originally just planned to get a cosmetic case-which I did- but something else jumped into my arms. A gorgeous Chelsea Mineral Satchel! It is so beautiful! And the dark brown leather against the green/blue bag-- TDF!!!
    The SA was cracking up! She was a total enabler for sure! Still got the PCE discount, too! So, if you're in Dallas and go to the Willow Bend store, ask for Laura!! She's so nice!
    I'll post pics later but just wanted to confess my Coach sins :p
  2. Congrats! I'm loving the mineral hobo...might have to go check it out again...I resisted the first time I saw it, but I keep thinking about it!!! :nuts:
  3. I am in Decatur, I have to drive to Southlake to the nearest Coach Store. I am planning on making a trip on the 28th......I can hardly wait. I want to see pictures. I haven't gotten to see the catalog yet! The supense is killing me.:upsidedown:
  4. Yay! We need pics!!
  5. :yahoo:

    :woohoo: Pictures!!! :woohoo:
  6. CONGRATS!!!!! I LOVE the mineral hobo as well!!!!!! GORGEOUS bag!!!! PLEASE post modeling pics!!!!
  7. Congrats and I can't wait to see pics. That color is to die for!
  8. Congrats! :yahoo: The Mineral color is TDF! :drool: I can't wait for pics!
  9. Congrats!
    Now let's see your loot!:yes:
  10. Here are some pics of Chelsea! I was kind of surprised that it's a lighter weight bag. Sooooo pretty :heart:

    wanted to show the gorgeous details on the handles!
    My first modeling pic- pardon the post-nap hair :p

    Thanks for looking!
  11. That is GORGEOUS! Thanks for the pics!!
  12. congrats!!! it is beautiful

  13. I have a few extra catalogs if you want one!
  14. oh shes so beautiful i want that one! I guess us texas girls think alike!
  15. Love it! Congrats & Enjoy!