PCE goodies.... Should I keep??

  1. Some of my PCE items came in today! And when I opened it I wasn't IN :heart: . I got the Black/Brass leather carly demi and lilac mini skinny.

    http://www.coach.com/content/product.aspx?product_no=9244&category_id=200 Carly in Black

    http://www.coach.com/content/product.aspx?product_no=8417&category_id=200 In Lilac but bought to exchange for Pear 3/30

    I loved the leather in the store. But at home it seems to plain. I need HELP!!! What should I do ladies?? Keep, exchange for signature demi or return?? I really want the scarf ergo wristlet.
  2. I really like plain I guess because that is the demi I keep looking at, at the store, I really like the mini too. Only keep if you love them, but I really like them.!!
  3. I really like the leather. I think it's more versatile than the signature. You can always accessorize with charms or scarves!
  4. I agree with liking the leather more and LOVE the idea of accessorizing! Congrats and I hope you fall in love with your stuff!
  5. Maybe I will just return the mini skinny for the scarf wristlet.
  6. In general I like both sig and leather but I prefer leather (even though I currently have 2 leather bags and 3 sig bags) but for some reason I cannot explain I like the Carly better in sig! I don't know why....
    I would only keep what you love. Next month or the month after there could be something that you REALLY love and you may not be able to afford it because you kept this bag. Or if the $ is fine you may love a black leather bag about the same size a million times more than this one but you may feel bad having bought 2 bags so similiar.... I would try the bag on with one or more outfits... (You can ALWAYS find a use for a black leather bag) and if you still don't love it, I would wait for the one you do love. There WILL be one you love if this one does not grow on you!!!
  7. i really like this bag in the black signature.....it's dark enough that the sig print isn't as noticeable as it would be in the khaki........also i love the idea of accessorizing it with some charms....very cute!!!
  8. I think I like the black sig better as well, so maybe you could just exchange it for the black sig or return it and get the scarf print wristlet.....
  9. I like the black signature
  10. Would the black sig. still match the scarf wristlet?
  11. I received the medium Carly in black today and I just love it. Sorry you aren't feeling it.
  12. I love the leather and it is so soft. You can use all kinds of different things to make it stand out more so than the signature.
  13. If you are not in love with it, return it. You could get something you actually love in its place.
  14. you should be convinced of an item that you really want to keep it.