PCE good on Summer Styles only?

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  1. How strict are they with this? I was hoping to get either the black sig medium ergo or the denim stripe tote, but those are not listed in the "summer styles" section on the website...boo :sad::crybaby:
  2. I think it generally depends on the boutique. In my experience, anything currently on the floor was considered (in this case) summer 2007, whereas anything not usually carried in-store during that setup and called in is not.
  3. uhm...everything i'm getting is going to be ordered.
  4. Is it usually carried in the store though?

    For instance, the red patent ergo may not be covered, but if a store was out of a white one it would be.

    Just my experiences in the past. But I've also found that boutiques vary immensely in policy.
  5. the bag i'm getting hasn't been in the store in forever...
  6. anything in the stores or cbsr book can be ordered/sold w/ pce discount- the fall items are NOT included.
  7. thx-

    sprinkles, what is considered a fall item?
  8. is the denim sig stripe tote a "fall" item? :sad:
  9. I asked the SA that called me today and she said EVERYTHING in the store is covered, not sure how orders work.
  10. awesome, thanks!

    i checked some other posts and it looks like other ladies have purchased the denim bags so phew!
  11. at my boutique i was told everything was as well. oh the enablement! ahahah!
  12. Nothing in stores is fall yet! fall comes out at the end of the month.