PCE for Peyton?

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  1. I called my SA yesterday and asked her about the Peyton. She checked the list of exclusions and said the Peyton was NOT on the list and offered to do a price adjustment on the two I bought earlier in the month.

    I'd call the boutique and have someone check it for you again. Maybe you'll get someone more informed this time around.
  2. Amazing. It's just amazing to me. I am thrilled for those who have been able to use it but PO'ed beyond belief that everyone is not on the same page with it.
  3. I didn't get to talk to my SA today, but I will try to reach her tomorrow. Part of the problem was stupid Fedex showed up over 3 hours late...it had been guaranteed 10:30am delivery. I'll let you know what she says!
  4. It's sad that you are being caught in the middle. If I were in your position, I would contact the Manager at my local Boutique and ask them if I could come in for a price adjustment because I understand that the Peyton is not on the exclusion list. I would also suggest that they check with their Area/Regional Managers to confirm this. As a last resort, if they say no, I would explain that I would be in to return it for a refund.

    Before doing this I would call a few stores, even in another State, to check if they would do a PCE order over the telephone. Several PCEs ago, I did this with King of Prussia, PA and Overland Park, Kansas (913) 438-1771. The Kansas store requested that I mail them my invitation, and I did, but they completed my transaction right away. I guarantee you that there are multiple locations who will do this for you!

    I hope that you are able to purchase the Peyton on PCE, as most everyone else seems to have done!!!

    Good Luck!:tup:

  5. KOP II (the good Coach store) is closed right now for renos to become a gallery store. I was just at KOP I a couple of weekends ago, and it's still a worthless store with clueless SAs.
  6. Thanks to you all for all your help. It has a happy ending, which is all I will say. :smile:
  7. agreed... One SA from the Plaza is over there during the day but the manager (?) seemed a bit of a pain. I would have asked for some leniency due to my past purchases but not with the mgr on duty at the time.