PCE for Peyton?

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  1. I just pulled the trigger and bought the fuschia Peyton and she would NOT accept my PCE, which I totally understand. BUT, it seems like some folks accepted it anyway! DId any of you get PCE discount for Peyton??

    Let me know!
  2. Yes, I got the price adjustment for two Peytons (fuchsia and atlantic) which I bought just prior to the event!!

    Initially when I asked my My SA about it, she wasn't sure, so they emailed corporate. Apparently corporate told them it was ok for PCE, and I did the adjustment last Sat. at the store! I would go back and argue and tell them to contact corporate!!

    I really hate the inconsistencies with this company! Apparently some stores are also allowing the cheap Hamptons on PCE as well. Around here (so far) I have not found any store that will even do that.
  3. Thanks for the info, BL! THat would be $200.00, so I definitely will be a PITA!
  4. I also was able to buy the fuschia peyton with my PCE- good luck- I love mine!! Itss such a great color!
  5. I was also able to get Price Adjustments on all of my Peyton purchases. Definitely go back to speak to them about using your PCE on the Peyton, it's a huge savings!

    Good Luck!
  6. Ugh! I am so frustrated that some stores follow rules and some don't. Thanks for letting me know that you all did get the discount. I may just return it in protest.

  7. Oh, I don't blame you! I also have been told that some stores will do phone orders and give you the discount if you mail them your PCE card, so if you don't have another close store to try, you might try that. I would just go back, though, and ask for a different SA. I would tell that person you know of multiple stores giving the discount and that corporate approved. I would insist they contact corporate if they don't believe you. Try to do it before the weekend and that way it's probably easier for them to get in contact with someone. If they won't honor it, I would just tell them to shove it and return the bag. I'm sure you can find some place that will honor the PCE. I'm not sure if my store will do the phone order and then mail the card thing, but I can try to find out for you if you can't get anywhere at your store. Good luck!!
  8. The thing is that I completely understand that it is excluded. I was fine with that UNTIL some other stores/corporate accepted it with no hassle. My favorite SA is a member on this board and she told me that her store will not do it nor the other large store in Atlanta. ARGH! $800 for a bag is SOOOOOOOOO not my norm, so I am already second and third guessing myself about it.

    Thanks BL for letting me vent. :smile:

  9. You know, I would call the other store and ask...just in case. Can you also go out of the district to another store?? I'm not sure how many stores are in the surrounding Atlanta areas, and I know it's a huge area.

    Why don't you also try calling a gallery store too that has it and ask them if you can mail the card to them and they hold the Peyton for you (charge hold, or whatever is necessary). They actually gave me the $50 coupon that I did not have in my possession at the time I initially purchased the gunmetal Peyton. I would ask them (because I know they have this in stock...or did have this color when I exchanged mine). I bought one of 3 they had. It's the Short Hills, NJ store, and the number is 973-376-2747. This is NOT the store I got the price adjustment from ( return and repurchase), but I just know the manager was really nice to work with there. They exchanged the gunmetal bag that the metallic had rubbed off no problem, and patiently waited while it took FOREVER for me to make up my mind which of the 3 Peytons to take. If you can do a phone order and get the PCE for it, then you can just return the bag that you have...but I would wait to see that you can really get the bag from the other store, KWIM??

    If not, then I can ask my store if they will do the mail PCE card and phone order thing, but I know they don't have this bag at all...it's just a core store, but they could order it for you. The thing is, though, the Peyton stock for the fuchsia was down really low the other day. Not sure if they added stock since then or not.
  10. You are such a sweetie! I am going to think about it. I have a few days, right? ;)

    Spending money should not be so difficult LOL.
  11. Oh, and technically I was told it's a "Bleecker Street" item and does not qualify as a Legacy exclusion (despite the hidden Legacy stripe item and the fact it's under the Legacy category on the website, lol!). I think if you call NYC Bleecker store, they will not do PCE discounts, but I'm just thinking that a gallery store will since they accepted the $50 coupon on my first Peyton. They are a little different than NYC, but based on the same type of store.

    I also have to call my SA as soon as I get my new Legacy bag (to tell her whether to release her hold for me, depending on whether I like the JAX bag or not). I will ask her if her store could do this for you. I mean it's not fair that some stores are honoring the discount and others not...especially when my store took the time to email corporate with this question! My SA is at a new store that seems to be far more strict than the old flagship store was, and actually I was surprised they allowed this. If they allowed PCE on this bag, then I can't imagine other stores saying no! That just bites!!
  12. THat's funny you would say that about the Bleecker Street item. I showed them that and mentioned that it was a Bleecker item and she laughed in my face basically. :rolleyes:

  13. You know, initially when I asked my SA about it, I also laughed... I mean I wasn't serious when I asked if I could return it for PCE. She then told me that technically it's really a Bleecker St. item and should qualify. Then I said, well, it does come up under Legacy on the website (although I expect it will be pulled later for the Legacy shop like the Elisa was), and it does have the Legacy stripe lining (kind of a giveaway there, lol!). So she initially asked her manager and she said she thought it would qualify for PCE, but they did email corporate and were told you could use the PCE on Bleecker Street items.

    Actually, it's funny too because this is a "Bleecker event", so I guess one could also argue since it's a Bleecker Street item, it's part of the "all about Bleecker" event, lol! :P

    I honestly did not expect it to be allowed for PCE...I was just asking because I'll try anything for a discount. :P
  14. You and me both, sister!
  15. so sorry you werent able to get the discount..I hope you find someone who will give it to you...its alot on the peyton!

    My store didnt even question me using the PCE card on peyton or say anything about it. My friend tried to use it on one of the top handle bags which is coming out, but she was shot down on that...