PCE for 25% 3/21 - 3/24/14

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  1. Please post when you have used it. RH062647
  2. The manager from my favorite boutique FP store just called. The Borough bags WILL BE INCLUDED in this weekend PCE!!! 25% off all except for the minis. :yahoo:
  3. Taken
  4. What...how could I have missed this detail?! I thought it was just a regular PCE like any other...thanks for the heads up!! Now a trip to the boutique is definitely in order...:lol:
  5. please post once the code is used: RE858097
  6. My area coach store said it doesn't apply to the Borough. *great sadness*
  7. Whhhattt...so it's different from store to store?? Now I'm really confused...better call my local store to confirm! :wacko:
  8. I think it might be due to a new line coming out if it's included.
  9. I tried applying the discount online for one and it didn't work. It said it wasn't included in the promotion.
  10. Just talked to my SA. She called me just a few mins ago. Borough is not excluded from any of the offers, including facebook. But it doesn't look like you can order boroughs online with discount. It's thru stores only ? (Once again, complicated. Sigh.)
  11. IN-STORE only, good through 3/24.
  12. That doesn't sound right. Call back and speak to the manager. If one store is honoring the PCE on Borough, they all should. (Failing that, call the Baybrook Mall store in Houston and have them ship you one. They ARE honoring the PCE.)

    I don't know why Coach has to make every damn thing so complicated. Ugh. :censor:
  13. Thanks for the clarification! I think another member received a message from their SA as well - that Boroughs are included except mini. So confusing for customers.
  14. I just left my FP with boarskin borough with PCE. The irony is this color was the only one I wanted. At first they told me 25% off all except the boarskin and the mini. What??? I told them I had seen where people were using on any size, except mini. Why would exclude just this one type? She called her mgr. who told her to call JAX to confirm they were allowing discount. She calls them and they say "no PCE". I picked up my phone, called JAX and told them I had a code and wanted to use on boarskin borough. No problem, told me the discount and final price. That's all it took. Rang it up in store and walked out with her in hand.
  15. I called today and they are now accepting the code for the Borough, so I ordered my very first: Alpine Moss.

    I called all over to find Oxblood. There are no more in the U.S., but if you are really jonesing for it, Hawaii has it.

    Unfortunately, the medium pebbled Borough costs $778USD there. I wasn't willing to pay a $180 surcharge for a color that can be found in other purse brands. Besides, I wear a lot of Bordeaux, Oxblood, Merlot colors, so I think the Moss will complement my style nicely and it will go well with black because of the handles.

    Got my medium pebble Borough in Alpine Moss for $479, all in (normally $598 + tax). WOOT! Welcome me to the Borough family! :lol: