PCE Extension?

  1. I was at a Coach store today and was debating a purchase. I kept changing my mind and didn't know what to do.

    It was almost closing time so I was being helped by the Manager of the store. During the process he mentioned that he had received word that the PCE was going to be extended... He said that the people that hadn't used their PCE cards after December 9 were going to be able to use them up to December 24... !

    Has anyone else heard this? I would like to think this is true and that the Manager isn't full of cr*p! :confused1:
  2. They extended the last PCE in September. Who knows!? That'd be awesome though, wouldn't it, to be able to do last minute Christmas shopping at Coach with a PCE card!
  3. I didn't know they could do that. That would be awesome if they did.
  4. It would be wonderful to have an extension, but how can they tell if you haven't used your card by the current deadline?

    Or, did I misunderstand your message?:confused1:
  5. I guess they assume you haven't used it if you still have the actual card.
  6. You can use it more than once, right? I used mine a couple of days ago and they gave it right back to me.
  7. ^^ Depends on the SA, they can give it back if they want to, but sometimes they won't, since they're following what the card says.
  8. The Manager gave me the card because I was going to leave the store and said I was going to think about my purchase more. I didn't want to buy just a scarf and lose the card. I wanted to make my purchase all together and save 25% off everything. But he said he would give it back. And he did!
  9. I've already used my PCE card 2x and I still have the card! I may go back a 3rd time! This is dangerous! LOL
  10. I hadn't heard about the Dec 24 extension (that's a lot of time!!) but when I was shopping yesterday, they didn't have what I wanted in store (ruby patent gallery tote) and the SA told me that the store was getting in a shipment next week and they would honor my card then if I wanted to buy in person. I actually ended up ordering it to be delivered to my house, but from my experience it looks like there's a little discretion when it comes to the PCE this time around.
  11. Oh I hope they extend! We're supposed to get ice storm tomorrow and Sunday and I don't know if we'll be able to make the trip to the Coach store (the mall is 1 1/2 hours away):sad:
  12. I used mine three times (YIKES!) and they returned my card to me every time-may still have time for another "emergency " run to the coach store!
  13. My SA sent me a text message telling me it was extended until the 29th.
  14. yeah I had my card and they didn't even use mine.. she used one they had at the register :yes:
  15. Us, too. My dh doesn't return from an overseas trip until tomorrow and we are supposed to have bad weather on Sunday. I told him it doesn't matter if I have to snow shoe there; I am going back! I just cannot go into the boutique with my 7 year old, 5 year old and 3 year old! One of them, maybe, but not all three! I already bought one bag, but I think my shopping is not done!