Pce extended!!!

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  1. I just called CS about an issue and i was told that pce has been extended until the 29th :yahoo: this makes my life so much easier lol
  2. Ooo .. can anyone confirm this for Canada?? :smile: [NOT that I need to buy more stuff]
  3. That is amazing news!!!
  4. What???? Really? I hope this is true. Will call my SA tomorrow.
  5. i plan to call my store first thing tomorrow too. he was totally reading an email from corp outloud and i overheard i dont think he meant to read the whole thing out loud :P
  6. I'll have to check tomorrow. I haven't heard anything about it <.< It would be nice though!
  7. I talked to my SA today and asked her about it. She said that many people received their PCEs late, so it will be extended for them.

    However, your boutique may extend yours if you ask, probably through this Friday.
  8. really??wondering if the extend is applicable to online store?? :nuts:
  9. Oooh, I hope so. I had been trying to hold back this round because I've spent so much money lately, but there are a few things I'd really like to get. I didn't have time to go to the mall this weekend but maybe if it's extended.... :smile:
  10. Has anyone confirmed this?
  11. Didn't they send out an e-mail the last time it was extended? I haven't gotten anything
  12. I called my Coach and was told I could still use my PCE today, which I plan on doing:smile:.
  13. i called this morning, because i regretted not getting the C necklace yesterday. they said i could use it today, but not sure how long they would extend, so recommended i come in today.

    i'd give your store a call if you want to extend, and just ask. most of the time the stores want to accomodate the customers.
  14. I called them yesterday and was told that it was a factory store promotion that was 'officially' being extended but perhaps they're offering an informal extension of the PCE to those who call and request it - particularly if you're ready to make an order at that point.
  15. Any confirmation?