PCE Experience

  1. On the first day of PCE I headed out to the store I normally shop at. I called ahead of time and my normal SA was not there. Since I was meeting a friend and I wouldn't be on that area in Sunday I decided to go anyways.

    The store was busy but not crowded at all. One SA came to help me. I asked her if she had Sig stripe tote in Black/Gunmetal. She explained that it did not come in that color, but in the larger size did (which was on display) but not the smaller size (11098). So I explained that I called customer service just the day before and they told me it was in stock at that particular store. She continued to "argue" with me and say it was not. I was pretty perturbed. My friend and I were quite shocked and we almost left. We continued to walk around the store and the SA came up to us WITH, shockingly, the Signature Stripe Tote in Black/Gunmetal!! WOW!! Who knew! (sense the sarcasm :p) I checked the bag out and I decided I didn't really like the stripe. It was more metallic and sparkled more than shiny silver it looks in the pic. Also it was a lot smaller than I thought.

    The SA that was helping us kinda disappeared. So I ended working with another SA who was SOOOO nice and helpful.

    All said and done I ended up getting the large Signature Stripe Tote in Black/Silver. They gave me back my PCE card so if I want to go back I can. I'm thinking about the Samantha sunglasses! :supacool:
    CIMG0341 (Small).JPG
  2. Beautiful bag!! I love the black. :tup: That is cool that they gave your card back... I say go for the sunnies now too!

  3. Thanks! I'm really thinking about getting them!
  4. haha- -- what a dumb girl.. you sure showed her!

    weird, she disappeared huh??
  5. She probably went on a break or whatever.

    We were in there for a good 30 more minutes and didn't see her again.

    Oh well.