PCE Experience - Ali in natural?

  1. Hello all-
    I went to Coach today, and I just kind of asked if I could get the card. The SA said that only the top 10% of customers get one, but I thought that it was more random than that based on the info I've read here. My sister got one, and I know that she's not in the top 10%. Anyway, after making me feel a bit uncomfortable and quizzing me about how much I would spend, they gave me the card. It's a really big store where they write your order on a notepad, so maybe that's why I had to be kind of needy/persistent!

    Anyway, I came home with the Ali in natural, and I ordered the matching small wallet. What do you all think about the color? Thanks!
  2. All stores write on notepads!

    But it's weird she quizzed you, If someone walked in and asked about it and I knew they frequently shopped at the store- they should have one. If it's a first time customer, unfortunetly it kind of ruins the aspect of the event (since it is a thank you to customers who have shopped with us).

    Anyways, I loveee the natural! You made a good choice.
  3. Thanks, Sprinkles. I haven't seen them do it when we shop at the smaller stores. I guess I'm not too observant.

    The SA said that she recognized me when she came over to us, but then when I asked about the card she had to go check and see and then came back to ask what I'd buy. Then she went away again and came back with the card.

    I'm hoping the natural will grow on me. I just love the whiskey so much, but I don't need two bags in that color.
  4. Yah!! Finally someone with a Natural Ali, I'm seriously considering buying one this week. Can you take a picture? pretty please? I've hunted everywhere for a pic, even eBay and have not found one. I've heard the color looks different than on the website, does it?
  5. Doh!... I just read in the other thread that you will post a pic tomorrow... Thanks!
  6. Here's a photo of the new bag with my old one.
  7. Great bag! The natural is very pretty!! Glad you managed to get the discount! Congrats!
  8. I LOVE the natural color! It will go with everything! Browns, Blacks, and every color I can think of! The whisky is stunning also but I don't know if it will be as versitile? Good choice!
  9. That's it... My mind is made up, I'm getting the Ali in natural, I'm stalking the mailman now...waiting for the pce card that a very sweet fellow tpf'er is sending me... Can't wait!
    Thanks so much for posting the pic MandB! :smile:
  10. No problem! I'm glad y'all like it!
  11. OMG! I am so glad I got the legacy shoulder tote in natural! The color is gorgeous. I ordered it to see if I will like it when it comes but after seeing the color IRL I am so excited when my package arrives:yahoo:

    Thanks for the pic and congrats on the new purchase!
  12. which color do you prefer. I want to get the Ali for fall, but not sure which one to get. I would love to see it in the brown color, but my local store does not have the Legacy line.
  13. mandy,
    great choice on the ali in natural!
  14. Congrats!

  15. I still prefer the whiskey just a bit, but the natural is really growing on me.