PCE Exchanges?

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  1. What's the deal now with PCE exchanges? I ordered a pair of shoes with the 30%, if I wanted to exchange the style! will they do that and let me keep the PCE?
  2. I don't think so. I was told you could only exchange same style, different color. BUT, one of my employees who use to be a SA said they use to do it all on the same transaction, so I would definitely ask.
  3. I exchanged a wallet for a wristlet once & they honored the pce I had used.
  4. My SA said that the new policy allows an exchange for the same style/item only. I don't know if it is being strictly enforced everywhere, but it is in her store.
  5. I get the impression they are able to do it, but its a matter of whether they will or not. Some people have said their stores are staying firm that you can't reuse pce on anything other than a different color same style, but shoes seem like something they should make an exception for. I would just ask an SA you have a good relationship with. You seem like you have been a very good customer, so hopefully they will let you! I understand the need for their policies, but if they apply them inconsistently what's the point?
  6. I had a feeling this would be the replies I would get, basically, it's anyone's guess. LOL I know it used to be no big deal at all, in fact they'd ask if you got a PCE so they could give you the PCE on your exchange if you didn't have a receipt! Thanks, ladies!
  7. My store told me no more as well. One PCE per transaction. Only way it carries over is if u exchange for same style diff color. She told me we will see a whole new face of coach. Her exact words were that their customers have been spoiled. I was shocked.
  8. Echoing what the other ladies have said. I was told it was new FP policy... only exchange for different color of the same style. I'm sure for shoes that would included sizes.
  9. I was told the same thing this week.
  10. Ditto. They are tightening up the rules. They used to extend the PCE for as much as a week after it ended, but no more of that, either.
  11. My longtime SA told me that Coach sent out a directive 3 weeks ago that no more exchanges or using the PCE before/after the given dates. You can exchange for different color/same style, but nothing else. I wanted to exchange for different size, but am stuck (the 30% one that just expired) as they won't let us do that. It is kind of ridiculous if you ask me. The same style different color should be same as same style different size.....
  12. Has nothing to do with the relationship. I have a good one with my SA and have never had problems before. She said Coach is being strict about this now.

  13. Wait, maybe I'm misunderstanding. You want the same shoe, same color, but a different size and they won't let you exchange? O.o
  14. My next course of action would be the same shoe and color in a half size smaller but it would have to be ordered through Jax, so I'm sure they won't allow it.

    When was the last PCE? Has this directive come about after that? Our store allowed DH to exchange boots, same style and color, just size, while keeping the PCE, and they had to be ordered. I don't know. It still seems so inconsistent....
  15. Nope, I backordered a mini Preston but after finding out it is too small for me, I wanted to change to the regular size (same color just bigger size) and they wouldn't let me use the 30% off that I had used on the mini. They have previously for years, but now Coach won't allow it.