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  1. When is the next preferred customer event? Thanks
  2. I wanted an answer, not a link with a ton of crap in it. Thanks for nothing.
  3. seriously, as a new member, we don't really appreciate you being rude. the link provided is VERY helpful and has your answer. as do additional threads throughout this forum.
  4. I am not being rude and its great that you have time to make up lengthy boring links, but most of us have stuff to do, want to get an answer to our question and move on.
  5. Well, if you read the link I posted you'd get an answer to this question, as well as the other questions you posted in other threads. Can you explain how reading a direct answer rather than the linked thread is any different?

    You have a lot of nerve coming here asking questions and then insulting those who answer them and who are trying to help you. Sorry my response wasn't convenient enough for you.
  6. Maybe you should do just that... move on and ask your questions somewhere else.
  7. you won't make friends here by being demanding and rude.

    Try doing a search and tread a little lighter. . . don't ask a favor and ***** at people if you don't get the answer you want, the way you want it :yucky:
  8. buh bye Sofa King!!

    ~A la Swank ;)
  9. We have other things to do too and I understand why you got simply a link. Lots of new people come on here, myself included, and ask the same questions that were asked time and time again. There probably is a thread asking this same question not far below this one on the first page. No one is trying to be rude to you, just everyone has other things to do and there's no reason to clutter up the board with tons of the same topics. Actually it was kind of mokoni to even give you any type of response since this topic does exist in several other threads. And I am responding in kindness so that you don't mistake my answer as rudeness.
  10. aw. this made me laugh, at least.
  11. ^^ Kallison, are you into the Vodka again?

    And if you are, whatcha gonna buy??? :devil: :graucho: :sneaky:
  12. good lord, it's 11:45. is that too early to drink...?

    oh wait, i have class. gotta be able to drive.

    gotta restrain myself...oh wait, i DO have that merch credit still...hmm...
  13. Good girl, Kallison! No drinking and driving! And then you'd fall asleep in class.... BAD!

    Did you buy a pond tote yet?
  14. somehow i doubt i would even MAKE it to class!

    nope, no pond. i don't love it enough to get it...:shame:
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