PCE Envelope: How is it Written Out

  1. OK, I just got home. The store was on my caller ID today so they did call...

    But, checking my envelope for the one I got today, it looks like it was mass produced on a corporate printer. I am reasonably sure the last PCE Card had a handwritten address to me on it.

    What kind of label/handwriting is on your envelope?

    I am wondering if I got one from Corporate (since I bought a ton on-line) and am also going to get one from the store???

    Can anyone shed some light?

    The card I got did not mention the presale selection period...

    I am sure my store will call me back...

  2. I can't really shed any light, but I can say that the one I got was computer printed - and it was last time as well. I don't buy online but I also don't shop at just one boutique.

    Mine had nothing about presale, and I haven't received a call, but didn't expect one as I don't have a regular SA or boutique.
  3. My card also came with the computer print and no mention of presale.

    Noshoepolish, are you sure that you aren't confusing the PCE card with the thank you note from the boutique (the ones that you get when you spend a lot with no returns in that transaction)? The notes from SAs come with a handwritten address.
  4. Mine was printed by computer.
  5. OK, then. They must have computer generated the cards.

    It is not a Thank you note.

  6. Mine was computer printed the the return address was for Coach in NYC (I guess the corporate headquarters).
  7. Mine was also computer printed. It almost looked like junk mail. But I knew better :yes:
  8. Easily looks like junk! - It's a "bulk mail" stamp -- So glad I get heads-up from tpfers to watch as so much of my mail goes directly to garbage.
  9. Yeah before this forum and learning about the PCE cards. I never thought to even open them I just thought they were more junk mail. I can't imagine how many I must have thrown out.
  10. for the gals who opt not to have their numbers given when being rung up

    and are invited to the event

    shall have a invite as well as a handwritten note from your store's SA

    how do i know?

    i had to write them eariler :smile:
  11. This is how my PCE invite came....