PCE ends soon! What should i get?

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  1. I have a 100 off of 300 that expires in a couple of weeks. I'm trying to decide what to get. Opinions appreciated! Here are my considerations:

    1. CHELSEA PATENT ASHLYN HOBO IN WINE- this is actually the bag that first came to mind when I got my PCE. I've looked at it several times in the store. It's not what I usually go for but the color is GORGEOUS and it's very different than anything I have, so it might be a nice complement to my collection.

    2. CHELSEA EMERSON SATCHEL- I like the shape but not too crazy about the leather colors, except for black w/silver hardware, but I already have 2 black bags. Don't really want a siggy but might look at the olive matelasse. Looks pretty on website. We'll see IRL.

    3. KRISTIN LEATHER OR SPECTATOR ZIP TOTE IN PLUM- only concern is about straps being too long. I'm not that tall and I don't like bags to come down to my waist.

    4. LARGE MADISON SOPHIA IN BRONZE- I know the Sophias are popular, but just haven't been able to get into them. I prefer shoulder bags and the handles on the large are long enough for that. I've tried this one on before. Was OK but I'll take another look. LOVE the color!

    Thanks so much, TPFers!! I'm grateful for for any input you might have!!!
  2. You could also wait until this Fridays new floor set and see if there is something you like better...you like better as you seem ho-hum on most of these....but if not the Ashlynn hobo
  3. It sounds like you might not be 100% sure on any of these choices, so I agree with waiting for the new floorset (the website should fully update on Wednesday, and the stores on Friday).

    If you're really sold on the large bronze Sophia, you may want to wait as I hear those are outlet bound soon and you could snatch a really great deal!
  4. I am waiting to see what they come out with on Friday. I love the wine color of The Ashlyn but I am not crazy about the style. I like the plum on the original Kristin but the new Kristins don't have the nice comfortable handles, which to me was the biggest selling point of the Kristins. The spectator looks beautiful though. I would have to try that one in person. I think the regular straps are a good length, but I wouldn't use the cross-body. I prefer shoulder bags too, and I was afraid to get a Sophia originally because of that, but now I love it and I can carry it on my shoulder. As far as a bag that I know I would enjoy using, my bet would be on the Sophia because it is wide and not as deep as the others. Once you use it you will surprised how easy it is to find everything in it. I never use the longer strap but I leave it on anyway. If they don't come out with anything I really love, I will probably just get another Sophia.
  5. Ooh, I didn't realize they were doing that this soon. Thanks so much for the info! I will definitely check that out too!
  6. Thank you for the heads up! I think I'll try it on for size just in case.
  7. I've never tried on the Kristin so I definitely want to do that, and I'll try the Sophia again with the handles on my shoulder. Thanks for your input!
  8. I'm voting for the Emerson Satchel. I bought it in Walnut and this bag is amazing. Walnut is now sold out according to Jax and my stores around me had sold out also. The leather broke in nicely even after only 2 weeks. I love the 2 slip pockets on the front!! I never knew how much I would use them but the cell phone and keys go right in and are so easy to find. I love the black w/silver and am considering getting that one too. I have never bought 2 of one style before but I would have this bag in every color if I could. I'm also seriously considering the olive matelasse that Crissy11 revealed.
  9. Like you i'm on the fence... good luck with your choice.
  10. I saw the olive matelasse IRL and I fell in love with it. It is gorgeous.
  11. I own the first two bags on your list and LOVE them both - I am all about Chelsea for some reason - got a gazillion compliments on the wine Ashlyn and I haven't even used it yet - as well as the Emerson in Matelesse. YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I really want to try on the Emerson. I think that Crissy11's reveal is where I first saw the matelasse too. I'm eager to see what it looks like IRL.
  13. You too!
  14. Oh goody! Can't wait to see it!
  15. Way nicer. I was actually quite dissappointed in how it photographed and I tried to get some good pics.