PCE - Did You Get An E-mail - Items Shipped!

  1. OK, I know my red patent coin purse has shipped!

    So I know my order went through!
  2. awesome/lucky so happy for you!
  3. Congrats!
  4. Congrats!! Now you have to take lots of pics for us all to see when your goodies arrive!!
  5. I just straightened out my Handbag room so now I can get to stuff. I will post my stuff once it all arrives.
  6. I got an email but it only had one item on it.... It didn't have the others listed... Is this an error? I know I was charged because my credit card has the pending transactions.
  7. It depends on where the items are coming from. The red coin case is coming from a higher up store than flagship? I think that's what the SA said.

    She said I should expect 2-3 boxes...
  8. I also got an email from the Coach website saying my wristlet shipped but not the bag I ordered as well. I know the bag is comming directly from the Coach store will they send me a seprate email when they have shipped my bag?
  9. Yes... received an email. All my items shipped - minus the Alicia sunglasses~!:hrmm:
  10. My Carly is on it's way. Got the sunglasses, Pond Shoulder Bag and the yellow coin case this AM (will post photos when it all arrives).
  11. i didnt get an email!! i found the pce in a pile of my DH's paperwork on friday....i ran across the street to the coach store and ordered the white ali and the legacy umbrella! hopefully they ship soon!!!!!!!!!
  12. Handbag room? You have a room designated solely for your handbags? You MUST take a photo and post it! :nuts:
  13. across the street? that's pretty sweet! :nuts:

  14. I am intregued by this so called handbag room as well . . . .
  15. Ladies, don't forget to post pics of all of these wonderful new orders when they arrive! We are all DYING to see what ya'll got... or at least I am... lol...