PCE Decision: Ergo Hobo vs Ergo Tote...& other options

  1. I need your help, please!!
    I already ordered the Crimson Sig Stripe Tote & accessories for PCE. I want something else!! Then I can make my final decision on what bags I already have that I will get rid of. I am wanting a "statement" bag, but a classic. I am looking at getting either an Ergo Tote in Turquoise or the Ergo Hobo in Turquoise. Which one do y'all think would be the best STYLE for an everyday bag - which one holds more, fits better on shoulder, etc..? And is the Turquoise a good "Neutral color" - I think it will go with a LOT? The thing I LOVE about the tote is the LEGACY LINING!! I :heart:LOOOOOVE:heart: those stripes - THAT makes the perfect bag!!! Also, what size Hobo: the regular or LARGE? I'd love to see pictures of any of you wearing your Ergo bags....I will already have TWO brown/natural/khaki NEUTRAL colored bags...I need another color, but think black is too traditional.
    I'm open to other suggestions, too!:tup:
    ergotote.jpg ergohobo.jpg
  2. You have my problem... the tote or the hobo... I may actually be getting one of each because i can't decide. (in different colors of course)

    Good Luck...:yes:
  3. Def turquoise. Lots of other tPFers have that color and they say it's way more neutral than you think. Besides, it's GORGEOUS!
    I vote Ergo Tote! It's more structured, but holds just as much. I was looking at both of those yesterday. The large hobo is MONDO big.
  4. Thank you! I am definitely leaning towards the Ergo TOTE - I think it would serve my purposes better, plus the Legacy Lining is totally TDF!!!! I LOVE that the turquoise color is neutral but is not brown, black or white! Now I just have to decide if the regular Tote will be large enough or if I need to go with the LARGE Tote?!?! It's $100 price difference, but only $80 after PCE discount. Anyone know the difference in sizes from owning them or having tried them on??
    Thanks! I think I am just about SOLD!!! YIPPY!!!!:yahoo:
  5. I'm definitely biased because I have the turquoise tote but I think it's the better choice. The style is more classic, it holds a ton, it stays on my shoulder just fine, the color is lovely. I also have the large tote in black and I have to say I prefer the medium size because the large is cavernous and my stuff tends to rattle around inside. Size depends on how much you carry. What seals the deal for the tote of course is the Legacy lining.

    Try on both totes and then get the one that fits you the best.
  6. Get the tote. You will love it. I have the Ergo Vachetta tote and love it so I am buying the smaller tote in Patent Red Leather. I know that I will love the smaller size as well. Get that tote, you will not regret it. It is both classic and timeless. :tup:
  7. Some decisions are hard lol! I love both, I have tried them both on and kind of prefer the hobo.
  8. Thank you!!! I will definitely try on BOTH before deciding. Do you have pics of you wearing your Turquoise Tote?? If so, I'd love to see them!! I'm heading to the boutique this afternoon. I hope they have one to try on!!! Thanks for the advice on size, too. I'll see which one suits me best. YES...the Legacy Lining is just YUMMY!!!!!
  9. I'm 5'7" for reference.



    And I'd suggest putting all of your stuff in both totes to see how they fit inside.
  10. I have the turquoise tote on its way!!! So you know which way I'm voting :biggrin:
  11. WOW...that's the regular size Tote?! That's a GREAT size!!! I am almost 5'9", so it'll probably look pretty similar on me! So far I am definitely leaning towards THIS one! I think the Large might be TOO Large. We'll see. I'll let y'all know what I decide! Ooooh...I HOPE they have it IN STOCK - I had to ORDER my Sig Stripe Stuff. This time I really wanna walk out with a big 'ol Coach Sack!!!!!! :yahoo:

    THANK YOU for the pics!!!
  12. How about the RED PATENT hobo??? I saw it in the store and it is gorgeous!
  13. This is a tough decision! I LOVE the turquoise, but ended up getting the vintage ergo hobo b/c I really love the leather color. If they had the legacy lining in the hobo, that would be the ultimate bag--I'd probably buy two!

    It really depends upon what you want to do. For me, I need a zipper top bag that fits well on the shoulder, and the hobo stays really nice, even when I'm trying to keep up with my kids.

    I'm thinking about going back and getting an ergo tote, too, still because I love the leather and the lining!

    Here are my pics; hope they help!

    Graberg--love your collection--you have such amazing taste--and to think you can change the oil in a car while sporting such a hot bag is remarkable!:p
    ergo1 (Large).JPG ergo2 (Large).JPG ergo3 (Large).JPG
  14. I love how graberg looks with her turquoise tote and I bet you'd look stunning too! I've seen it IRL and it's a beautiful shade of blue - I think it would work with tons of colors and could go from season to season with ease!
  15. I don't know if this is too late or not, but I have both an ergo large hobo, and an ergo large tote. I have the tote in vachetta, and the hobo in turquoise.

    Turquoise is a GORGEOUS color. I absolutely love it. It is definitely more neutral than you would think, and it's such a beautiful pop of color. It rocks.

    As for which style, I would go for the tote. I honestly only like the ergo hobo if it's in the large size. For some reason it looks like it slouches better than the smaller one. Plus, the ergo tote stays on my shoulder really well, whereas I've noticed the hobo tends to slip off. I still love it, but it's a bit of a pain.