PCE deception???

  1. :tdown:I received my 1st PCE card for 2 dec and was really excited. I bought a gallery signature tote and some wristlets. I was browsing COACH wesbite 2 weeks later and realise that my recently purchase tote price was reduced from 328 to 230. I emailed COACH and was told that the price was reduced from 3 Dec. They refused to honour the price of 230 and give me the discount of 25% on top of that. I am going to persist in my fight for the refund of the difference.
  2. Yeah, it is a bit upsetting that the prices are reduced so significantly after the bag's been purchased already. Good luck on your pursuit!
  3. If they won't give you a price adjustment then just make it harder for them. Return it and re-buy it and use your pce on the new price. It'll just make a long and annoying transaction for the SA but at least you'll get your money back. Or get the manager and hopefully they will just do the price adjustment. I did something similar. Except the prices didn't go down but I bought my items a month ago and just got the pce card and the manager gave me a price adjustment. It's better to go in the boutique because they seem to not care or not be motivated to help customers on the phone.
  4. Most stores I go to have this same policy- They'll do a price adjustment but they won't give you the coupon discount on top of that.

    If you do return the bag to repurchase, do you still have your invitation?
  5. Yes i still got to keep my invitation. Just ask them that you want it back to use on another day. They usually give it back.
  6. I meant did Jopan get to keep hers because if she repurchases it and didn't keep her invite, I doubt she'll get the discount again.

    This last event Dec.1-9, they wouldn't let me keep my invite :sad:
  7. ooh my bad. I forgot about that, the other pce ending on the 9th. Maybe that's why they refused and won't give her the discount on top of the new price cause she doesn't have the 2nd pce card for december. Well good luck anyway!
  8. They did not return the PCE card to me after my purchase on the 2 Dec but I am still going to try to get a refund. Even Circuit City has a price guarantee for 7 days, I still cannot believe that a Branded name like COACH will reduce their prices!!!
  9. I think the outlet does do 7 days... but didn't you say its been almost 3 weeks since you bought the bag?
  10. You should be able to request a price adjustment from your local boutique, because the prices have gone down. I did the same thing for my Thompson purchases, and I also got the PCE on the lower prices! My bags were still unused, and I don't know if that made a difference. I also applied the refunded amount toward another purchase, also on PCE.

    Eventhough your previous attempts may have left feeling frustrated, push those emotions aside so that you're asking nicely, and they should accommodate you in the boutique.

    Just tell them that you just noticed the price reduction! Good Luck!:tup:
  11. There is a certain time frame the boutiques are using. If the bag was purchased in Decembe, they should give you the price adjustment with the pce on top of it. That's how my boutique is doing it.

  13. A little late in coming, but I bought a gallery tote during the first dec pce and then the price went down. i tried to get a refund thru online cs b/c my order was shipped from jax but they wouldn't do it (after, frankly, jerking me around for a week). so i went into the nearest boutique and they gave me the price adjustment with the pce discount - so i ended up getting almost $100 back. i didn't even have to ask for the pce discount to be added. needless to say, after being disappointed by online cs, the boutique came through for me. i am still po'd about the quick price decrease b/c of the extra trouble it caused me, but guess i'm happy i ended up benefiting from it.