pce dates

  1. how often does coach have the pce's? i received a couple in the past year, but didn't receive any this december so i missed out. since it seems so random, does anyone know the schedule of pce's dates? thanks.
  2. It's generally about every 3 months. March, June, September and then December. I don't know exact dates
  3. So, when the next pce?

  4. My friend received a PCE in the begining of November and I received one in December. She has only shopped in the outlet. I have only made one Coach boutique purchase, I usualy buy from Lord and Taylor. Just wondering if there is a method behind this?
  5. I got one in November and December:yes:!

    I can't wait for the next one.
  6. i received 3 over the holidays, one for a week-end in Nov and then one at the start of dec and one that went to dec 29 and my last coach purchase was 4-5 years ago in Macy's so not sure how they distribute the cards.
  7. The next PCE is mostly likely in March.
  8. I got one the last two PCE's, but lately I have been shopping outlets. I don't know if I will get one this time around, but I am hoping!! I want to buy a medium Carly!!
  9. I buy mostly from there too! Either that, or outlets... or Macy's during F&F.