PCE Cards up on Ebay

  1. It is just gross!!!! I was lucky enough to get an extra one so I gave it away to a fellow TPF addict.

    Is there a way Coach can track them and make sure those people them again? I really hope there is.
  2. i doubt it....how are you even finding them? i typed it in and nothing came up...

    i wouldnt even be able to use a FREE one :sad: no Coach stores here

    that was super nice of you!!
  3. ^I think you can still call your order in to the store with the coupon.

  4. In the seach I just typed Coach Coupon
  5. I found three listings on eBay by typing in "coach discount". There is one with a BIN price of $80.00. :shocked:
  6. :wtf: OMG!!! There is a ton of them on there!!! People are trying to sell them for upwards of $20-$40 !!! That is CRAZY.... talk about capitalism...
  7. Wow there are like 15+ coupons for sale.
  8. i know


    i really wish something can be done.
  9. Elongreach:

    My card says discount is not valid on phone orders. Is this something that varies from store to store?
  11. Sorry to people that were kind enough to get them from other forum members... but this is nuts for people to be charging $80 for something that is supposed to be an incentive to Coach's "Prefered customers"... I spent more money there this year then I'd like to admit ( and I'm sure others have spent much, much more...),but it was nice to get something back as a "thank you" for choosing to spend my money at Coach...

    They should have to match our IDs to a name on the card or something!!! Sorry again to all those that got one through kindness on the forum, cause I know that might knock you out, but this kinda of ticks me off... Kind of back to the whole Coach in Target thing....

    *off the soapbox*:cursing:
  12. You can make phone orders for the PCE -- to a STORE. Not to the 800 #.
  13. I know I saw them on there too. last December when I got one and didn't need it I GAVE it to someone on here. I was really hoping to get one this time too, but I haven't got one yet :crybaby: Maybe a kind TPF member will return the kindness. Just a hope! lol
  14. Gee, I'm thrilled they're on eBay because I desperately want one!

    I am waiting for a halfway decent person to put one up with a reasonable BIN though... :s I keep hitting the refresh button every single minute -- I'm going to wear it out!
  15. 80 DOLLARS!!!:weird: people are crazy!!!:noggin: