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  1. I just do not have the right timing. Every time someone says they have one I cant get my pm out fast enough. I was hoping to get one this time around too because I have a big purchase I am going to make and it would be nice to save a little money and put it in the bank. :crybaby:
  2. Why not try going and ask for the discount? A lot of girls on here say they've been able to do that. Last time I went and from what my SA was saying she was going to give me the discount before I pulled out the PCE card.

    It doesn't hurt to try, especially if it's a big purchase!! :yes:
  3. I called my store and asked (since it is a drive for me) and it did not look too promising. It close to closing time for them though so not sure if I got someone who was tired/busy or what. I may call tomorrow before I head out for my errands.
  4. Is there another store you can try?

    I've read a few threads on of people called stores out of state and getting the discount and they mail it out to them.

    It's worth a shot!!

    Don't fret yet!
  5. Does Nordstrom sell the bag you want? there's a thread on here where they honored the PCE discount at Nordies. It's worth calling.
    Also I think most stores will honor w/o the coupon. Go in and have a big purchase and when you get to the register just say you don't have the coupon with you and ask if that'll be a problem. I bet they'll just give it to you.
  6. I went in today without an PCE card, and the SA told me not to worry about it. They were pretty much giving it out to everyone. Good luck!!
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