PCE card at Macys?

  1. Does Macys accept the Coach 25% off PCE card? I've heard about Nordstorms accepting it but I want to use it at Macys.

  2. I've never heard of a Macy's accepting the PCE. Not all Nordstrom's accept them either.
  3. I don't think they do. You can try (it can't hurt) but I'm pretty sure they state that they are only accepted at Coach Boutiques, and Nordstrom's just accepts them as a courtesy.
  4. Some Macys and Nordstroms will "match" the discount. They won't acctually accept the card. It really depends on the store and what not.
  5. Well, Macys is doing friends and family now for 20% off COACH stuff, so I doubt they would honor the discount when they offer their own.
  6. PCE is for COACH stores only.
  7. I dont know about Macy's but Nordstrom gave me the discount yesterday with no questions. I think it depends on how knowledgeble your Nordstrom SA is- some of them probably dont even know what the Coach PCE is so they would automatically say no.