PCE Came!!! Now.. I need help!

  1. I got my 25% off today! :yahoo:Just in time for my birthday!

    However, I cannot have everything on my wishlist! :crybaby:

    If you could pick TWO bags off of my wishlist... which would you chose? :shrugs: And WHY? :yes: Sell them to me! ;)

    WOOT! 100th POST! :wlae:
  2. I would choose the Carly Large Signature in Black and the Large Hamptons Tote in Green.

    First of all, the Carly is SO comfortable, versatile and GORGEOUS. It holds A LOT! The hardware is gorgeous!

    The green hamptons tote, which I am currently carrying is SO pretty and fits just about anything in its cute rectangular shape!''

    Hope that helps!

  3. Your picture is the whole reason why the green made it to my wishlist... it is a gorgeous bag! :drool: I kinda forgot it was on the wishlist... it is a little cheaper than the rest.... :graucho: I could prolly swing that one and two others! I've been a very good girl this year... :rolleyes:
  4. ^^NICE^^!:graucho:

    I LOVE it!

    Maybe get the Ergo Large Hobo in Turquoise too?

    The color is breathtaking!
  5. I'd go for a signature stripe tote with the legacy lining and an ergo hobo or Carly.....:p

    BTW--any fishies come your way yet?
  6. I completely agree with handbglvr! Besides the fact I could eat up that yummy green Hamptons, I have the large black sig. Carly and it is the absolute best!! Have fun shopping!:nuts::tup:
  7. On your wishlist, are these items that you pretty much know you're going to figure out a way to buy eventually, or are these items that you aren't sure you'll ever be able to get?

    I'm only asking because if you think you'll only be able to get two right now, I'd get the two most expensive ones. That way you get the greater savings with your PCE card. The cheaper items, you may be able to save up for and buy later.

    But I'd say, whichever the two are that you want the most, should be the ones you should get.

  8. :crybaby:No fishes yet!

  9. I am pretty sure there is no way I will get them ALL... no with the little bean coming.

    I pretty much told EVERYONE who asked that I wanted COACH gift cards for my birthday-- and my DH always gets me a bag for my birthday. I know that I will get two for sure-- maybe three. :sweatdrop:

    I know for sure that the Carly is most likely going home with me... I have been :drool: over that since it came out.
  10. ^I love Carly, and have the black signature large Carly. It's an awesome bag. I'd also say go for one of the Ergo's in leather. Either the turquoise hobo, or the camel tote.

    I have the vintage leather large tote and I LOVE it. It's super comfortable and gorgeous. It's the same size as the regular leather ones so I can vouch for it.

    I also have the turquoise ergo large hobo and ADORE the color. It's so pretty and it's such a nice departure from my standard black and brown purses. Plus, it really will go with most anything.

    I'd say don't get two signature bags at the same time. Get the most versatility that you can. I don't see Carly going out of style, or any of the ergo's for that matter. Well no, the patchwork ones I don't see staying classic necessarily, but the leather ones definitely will I think.

  11. Good advice :yes:

    I do :heart: the patchwork... but I don't know if I will love it a few years down the road...

    So many decisions to make... :confused1:
  12. Let us know what you decide and

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!:party:
  13. Happy birthday! :balloon: I would get the black sig carly & the turqoise ergo! & I like the green hamptons too! :yes:
  14. Ergo hobo and carly large! But then I'm not always the most practical - I'd have all big bags if money were not an issue. Still, I think the Ergo and the Carly are the cutest things Coach has right now.
  15. The Ergo Hobo is such a great bag. It's really comfortable, holds a ton, and the turquiose is beautiful!

    You can't go wrong with a black Carly. It's just gorgeous, plus it's a classic Coach piece.