PCE Call

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  1. Just got my call from my SA at Coach ..
    the event starts June 8th - June 10th?? (can't remember then end date sorry) ...

    hope this helps someone on the fence about ordering.
    Wouldn't you know I JUST bought yesterday a new LV bag so am debating ...
    am thinking about the Carly Large Signature Cotton in Brass/Chocolate ..
    otherwise maybe be a "good girl" and just get some accessories I've been wishing for!
  2. Oh man I hope I get a card. I got one for the last PCE. Saturday is my birthday and that would be fabulous because I am in need of a new summer bag.
  3. It's been mentioned in other threads that the dates are June 9th-17th with the 7th and 8th being for pre-sale.
  4. I got one in the mail today. Don't know why...I have only purchased one bag this year (patchwork tote). Dates are June 9- June 17. I'm thinking about the Legacy Leather Satchel after reading about them here.
  5. Yippy...i just received a call on my cell phone. That Ergo is calling my name!!!!!
  6. Woowoo. I got a card today. :woohoo: I don't know what I want. Too many things, but we are buying a townhouse, so I can't spend too much.
  7. I don't use Coach (Im a LV and Chanel gal...)...I spent a heap on a mother's day present for my mom at Coach..and I've been on the "list" ever since. If anyone is the Chicagoland area.... and wants the invite..let me know, and you can have mine!

  8. I got a call today too!! My SA said that I wasn't on the list but she wanted to invite me. She is great!!
  9. none for me...again... :sad: