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  1. There have been no big excitement over 25% off, $50 off $150 or $100 off $300 that are going on right now. I haven't received either offer but got offered one at the store by a wonderful SA. Has anyone here received either of those?
  2. i got 2 of the 100 off cards gave one away and sold the other for a few bucks. they were good deals but i wanted to outlet shop so just got rid of them.
  3. I got a 25% off postcard - good for Dec 3rd to 12th....don't know if this is old news but I was surprised since the e-pce just ended a few weeks ago.
  4. I just heard about it today. Got two pair of shoes using 25% off. I mentioned that there will be a pce stating Dec. 3rd. The SA told me about these promotions going on , including 25% off and kindly gave me 25% off. I am just surprised since most of the time there is a lot of pce reveals going on, and there is not much talk this time around.
  5. I hope the regular card didn't go to my old address :sad: Gotta call the store to see if I should have one on file.
  6. I got it in today's mail, too. I've barely had a chance to use what I got with the last PCE.
  7. I got the card too. It says online or in store :smile:
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  9. :huh:
  10. I am SO excited!!! Got mine today!!!
  11. Got mine yesterday!!!!!!!!!
  12. i got one yesterday too, but im still trying to decide if i will use it or not :rolleyes: