PCE buys and a planner question

  1. Today I made my PCE purchase. I got the black iPod case, the Madison silver leather wristlet, and the 4x7 signature planner. I really wanted a 3x5 planner, but the only model they had used a turn lock and whenever I put it in my bag it got caught on something, plus it was a little bulky. I also wanted leather, which I prefer to sig, but they only had the leather with the turn lock. The 4x7 was slim and was brown sig with a black trim. It gives a good amount of room for writing stuff in each day. I can't decide if I should keep the planner or hold out for a 3x5 leather without the turn lock (which could be next year!).

    If you have a planner - what size and how do you like it? Did you get sig or leather?
  2. Well, so much for holding out for the "perfect" planner!!!! I was too excited to start filling up the planner I bought today with stuff. Guess I'll keep it! Actually, I really like that it is brown and black so it will go with most bags. I don't mind sig, I just like leather better. (I have a couple of sig bags.)
  3. I think you made a good choice. I have the 3x5 leather w/the turnlock and it is a bit bulky and adds weight to the bag. It's beautiful (I have it in punch) but find that I don't use it much due to that extra weight.
  4. I have the legacy one..i donno its huge...but i love it...