PCE buyer's remorse?

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  1. As you all probably know, i ordered the signature cotton slim tote for pce and it arrived today. i absolutely love the bag, it is so gorgeous! The thing is, I am a very small girl and this bag looks enourmous on me.. I am ok with it, but wonder if it looks ridiculous or if I am just being paranoid about it...

    So as I am sitting here thinking... should I have purchased the satchel instead?? for a 600.00 bag, I should be completely in love with it and how it looks being carried... so why am I freaking out? Is there anything I can do, should I decide I want to swap out? I took the tags off and put my stuff inside to see what it looks like, but that's it...

    Do I even want to consider swapping?

    Advice, please!

  2. wow, it looks huge- but it's also empty, no?
  3. It looks pretty big, but it depends what you're comfortable with.
  4. wish u hadn't taken the tags off, but it should still be find to exchange, just DON'T USE IT! put the tags in the pocket and wrap it back up again right now if you're serious
  5. Well, with everything I usually carry in it, i.e.: checkbook wallet, cosmetic case, small wallet, agenda, keys, cell phone... other than that, it is empty

    The thing is, I want an everyday bag... but I need it kinda big...
  6. It's a nice bag but does look really big on you. I'm a small person too and always have to take that into consideration when buying a bag. If it were me, I'd exchange it. But if you are happy with it and love it, then keep it and enjoy it!
  7. it does look huge on you but do whatever makes you happy. if you like it then take it back. i believe that you should love a bag jsut not like it!
  8. Kristy,

    It's a beauty, but honestly, it looks a tad big on your small frame.

    Maybe return it (you got it at a dept store, right?) and go to Coach and try on some bags.
  9. It does look big on your shoulder but is this the way you plan to carry it? How does it look when you hold it down at your side?
  10. It is nice, but it looks huge!!

  11. I agree, gorgeous, but kinda takes over your frame.
  12. It is a gorgeous bag and you are a gorgeous girl, but it looks really huge on you. For an everyday bag, you might want to go a tad smaller.
  13. Very cute bag but it does look big. It look the same way one me when I tried it on in the store so I decided against it. But if you love it and are happy with it then keep it. The only real opinion that matters is yours :smile:
  14. It does look big on you (I wish I had that problem) but anyway you should be completely in love with it for that price. Did you get it at Macy's I know it is a dept store exclusive ? Will they give you cash back or credit ? If you need a big bag though and you are planning to carry it every day, then I would get a different color because that is going to get dirty but it is a striking bag and looks cute with the charms you put on it to give it more personality ! Good luck !
  15. Wonderful pattern, but the slim tote looks really big on you. I would suggest the shoulder tote if you are going to carry it on an everyday basis. I saw smallish framed woman carring either the satchel or the shoulder tote the other day and it looked really good on her. ( http://www.coach.com/content/product.aspx?product_no=9573&category_id=790 ) Also, if you fill up the bag, is your shoulder going to hurt from carrying it? For example, the Carly's are a really pretty bag, but I know they are too heavy for my shoulder. If you aren't 100% happy with it, maybe you should think about exchanging it. :\

    You know what coach.com should get? A place where you can upload a photo of yourself and try on bags. I think that would be useful- btw.