PCE & Brown ALI

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  1. Tonight I went to pre-order a brown Ali...the SA said it didn't come in brown. She called CS, which told her that it DID, but the "brown" Ali was a special order only. That means I could not use the PCE discount on it. Bummer:tdown:

    So I ordered a Whiskey one, I really wanted a brown Ali.
  2. Ahh, that's not nice! I wonder why it's so special. It doesn't show up on the website, apparently some SA's don't know it exists. I think Macy's might sell it. Seems like they're keeping it a secret!
  3. Hmmmm... that stinks.

    But at least you found something else to love!
  4. I saw it at Macy's. I think it is a dept. store exclusive. Sorry they wouldn't let you use PCE on it - that's a bummer.

    Edited to add: same thing happened with the denim mini skinny for me - only dept. stores carry it, so I ended up not getting it.
  5. The only good thing about department store exclusives is that they do go on sale after a couple of months. :smile:
  6. That really stinks. I know what you mean really wanting the brown Ali. I really wanted her and did get her at Macy's (with the Friends and Family). I knew she was a department store exclusive but that Coach can always order any bag they make. But I didn't know that it would then be considered a special order. It is really hard between the Brown and Whiskey. But with the amount of $$$ you are spending, you need to LOVE LOVE LOVE it. So if you would rather have the Brown . . . . .
  7. Sorry to hear that. I happen to own a whiskey Ali and though I like the brown, I love the whiskey. Hope you end up happy with it too.
  8. So sorry for you- I got the brown at Macy's for F&F cause I knew it was a department store exclusive. I was thinking of seeing if the boutique would order the Carly patchwork for PCE but it doesn't sound like that's possible. I hope you enjoy the whiskey - it's really lovely.