PCE- Bad Experience

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  1. So I hit the my local coach store today. I do not have a pce card.....

    I walk in and do a lap and a somewhat friendly SA comes up to me and asks if I need help. I tell her that I know PCE is going on now but that I don't have a card and am wondering if she would be willing to give me the discount anyway. She gives me a look and asks how I know PCE is going on if I don't have a card. I told her some little birdies told me. ;) She didn't seem amused, but rather said she would need to check. She left for a couple minutes while I was admiring the Large Black Carly I have been lusting after and firmly told me that Coach sends the cards out to select PREFERRED customers and that if i didn't recieve a card I was not entitled to the sale. She went on and on about how not everyone who shops at coach gets a card and how the sales don't happen often....and on and on. (I must tell you too the store I am in is in a mall full of very high end stores and isn't called a mall it's called the Galleria. very upity neighborhood and I am definately not uppity and am dressed pretty casual) I am nodding and like ok well then thanks and I start to leave. No way I am going to buy something when I know theres a chance to get it cheaper. She stops me and goes um miss wait let me double check....i am like uh-huh. She goes over and is talking and then comes back and says well since you KNOW about the sale then I guess we can give you the discount this one time. I was so not impressed with any of the help in the store that I should have just left right then, but I really wanted the carly. Needless to say I got Carly with the discount-but I am not going to give anymore business to that store. I totally felt like she thought I shouldn't be allowed to even buy anything. I feel very icky about the whole transaction and now I am not sure I even want to keep the bag. :crybaby:
  2. at least you got the discount! alot of stores wont give it if you dont have a regular SA.

    hope you like the carly, i'm going tomorrow to get mine! i have a card but know my SA is off today and want to buy from him.
  3. Aw! Is there any other coach stores around you? I would return the bag to the galleria and go to another store and explain the situation and buy it from them!
  4. Hmmm....you got the bag you wanted, with the discount you wanted...so what's the problem?
  5. I called the Coach store 2 days ago and inquired about PCE also and told them that I didn't get one. The stupid person told me that corporate sends them out and if I didn't get one then that means I haven't spent enough $$$. Well there hasn't been a Coach store close to me until a few months ago and I've been shopping at Macy's and didn't know anything about a PCE. Then when I went to ask about a Optic Sig bag she didn't know anything about the purse. Dumb biotch shouldn't be working there if she doesn't know the product.
    There are a lot of more qualified ladies here that should work there. :cursing:

  6. Ummm... the way she was treated? I mean, she's spending enough money that she should be treated respectfully at the very least! (and quite honestly, even if she bought nothing more than a charm, she should have been treated respectfully) She should have left feeling good about her transaction so that she would want to go back. Poor CS is purely stupid IMHO. That store now loses out on her repeat business because she'll find somewhere else to go now. Their 25% off cost them who knows how much in the future. So yeah, she got the bag she wanted, the discount she wanted but not the experience she wanted. And I understand why that would be disappointing especially when during the last PCE they gave everyone and their brother the discount. It was hardly exclusive. And now they expect people to realize that this time. Please!

    Sorry you were treated poorly. I hope you find a Coach boutique that will appreciate your business in the future.
  7. I agree 100% with tlloveshim. You took the words right out of my mouth! I would feel exactly the same way as zoober_beth if I had been treated that way. I'm sorry she had such a poor experience. :sad: I'm planning to walk into my Coach store without a card myself, but I've already called ahead and the really nice SA told me that they would give me a card there so I can use the discount. :noworry:
  8. Giving her the benefit of the doubt, maybe she's new and was trying to follow "the letter of the law..."? I say keep the bag. Go in again soon and see if the CS is any different.

    CS can be different at every store, every day, and each location seems to make their own rules.

    Just my .02
  9. I can completely relate! I called the Carlsbad outlet to inquire and instead of just saying no the rude manager gave me this whole derogatory lecture on it all the while implying I was a nutty crazy greedy woman to even think i could get a discount without the card on a $500 bag at the outlet. I wont go into details but it was a terrible awful experience which completely turned me off shopping at from that store.

    Also, I completely undestand how you are questioning keeping the bag because of the negative CS experience. Sometimes even though you love the item and got it at a good price, bad memories of customer service associated witht he bag can ruin it for you. (For some people it doesnt bother them and more power to those but for people like me... it'll bother me.) It's happened to me before where I loved something but recieved such poor service that instead of being happy when I wore the item, I thought about that days bad experience. In your case, if you find it bothers you, I would exchange it and get it from someone who treats you nicely so you have a positive experience associated with your bag. Just explain it to a kind SA and im sure he/she will happily help you with it. The way the SA treated you was completely unacceptable. I called and went into a Coach factory store and the SAs there were more than happy to give me the discount. hope it works out for you. =)
  10. I understand what you feel and would probably feel awful too. I hate it when people look at you and think you can't afford any. Now, my store in Birmingham, AL will be the only store I will buy from. I can just call there and ask for my SA and she is always a big help.
  11. I hope you keep and your bag and forgot about your bad experience! It's such a wonderful bag.
  12. I know you loved the bag but I honestly would've left inmediatly, I would've said no, thanks I will go to a different store. JMPO
  13. Awww, I hope you don't let this experience taint your beautiful bag. Just think of the great deal you got, and don't let the SA's attitude bother you. Sometimes people don't realize how they are coming across to others. Maybe she didn't mean to make you feel bad, KWIM?
  14. That is so wierd I went in to my local Coach last thursday and not only did I not have my coupon I asked if they would pre-sale for me and they said they would. They also used a coupon they had behind the counter. I specifically asked if I needed to have my coupon and they said no, and I still got the discount.
  15. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience. Sure, you got the bag you wanted and the discount too, but you are probably going to have that sour feeling for awhile...I know I would!

    As tlloveshim posted, who knows how much repeat business they may have lost b/c of your experience. AND...people are far more likely to talk to others about their bad experiences with customer service than their good ones.

    SO...if you can enjoy the bag without those memories then keep it...it's a great bag!

    As far as managing PCE, I had heard Coach was trying to tighten up the rules this time without giving the discount to everyone and their brother (??). If that's the case the SAs need training on how to handle situations just like yours. Your SA handled it awkwardly. I think the answer is simple - if someone asks give 'em the discount!