PCE and Outlet Reveal

  1. Great things in your little packages! Love both of your wallets! Your kitty looks so silky, I'd love to pet her!
  2. Congrats...love everything!!
  3. Congrats on your new goodies!!
  4. Yay for goodies! Twins on the cat! Lol. I have a black cat, shady, and she's always in boxes and my coach shopping bags. Silly things aren't they?
  5. Ponytail scarf twins!!! I love that scarf!

    Your cat is gorgeous! Precious little thing in the box!

    Your haul is amazing! Congrats on the lovely purchases!
  6. Nice items, Congrats.
  7. Very nice items. Congratulations!!:smile:
  8. Congrats
  9. the ice cream cone fob is SO cute!
  10. Love your goodies and beautiful kitty!!
  11. Congrats...lovely goodies, enjoy!!
  12. First, I love your kitty! Soooo cute. I'm totally a cat person, and I used to have a cat that looked identical to yours, and he was ALWAYS getting into something.....I miss him.

    I really love that scarf. Every time I see a reveal of it I want one. And all your other stuff is great, too, but I especially love the champagne Kristin set.....so gorgeous!
  13. Lol, that is a kitty for you. Your cat is adorable! Congrats on the lovely goodies.
  14. Congrats & enjoy!!
    Great stuff!
    Twins on the pony tail scarf!
  15. Pretty items!! Congrats!