PCE and Exchanges

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  1. So I got my bleecker duffle and now i want an ergo sig flap.. I called my closest store (montebello:tdown:) and was told i could not do the even exchange (both are same price) because pce ends today and i can't get there until tomorrow... i asked for a manager and she said she was and that she can't do it.. so i call another store and the guy said sure come on in and i can do the even exchange with no extra charges...

    who is correct?
  2. I've needed to do an even exchange of a PCE purchase, and was able to. The original and new items were the same style, I just exchanged for a different color.

    However, I can see there being a problem if the exchange was for a totally different style.

    So I would go to the store that said, YES!
  3. Amen to that!!!
  4. does anyone know if there is an official policy on this?

    I just want to make sure that i am getting the correct information.
  5. I exchanged a bag after the last PCE and as it was only a day or so later they gave me the PCE price on the new bag which was more expensive. I don't think this is a policy, the SA was just being nice. They don't have to honor the discount but I am sure you will find a nice SA that will.
  6. I was told by a SA at my first PCE NOT to use the receipt for any exchanges from PCE. Since you don't need a receipt for an exchange at a boutique this ensures you can do an even exchange no problem.
  7. I was able to do an exchange(or should I say several) during PCE and the items were different but the price was the same. They treated it as an even exchange.
  8. just go in and exchange it i had the same thing happen to me one store were *****es about it the other loved me...
  9. it really depends on the SA...when I returned two things from the last PCE, my SA asked if I wanted anything in exchange and she could give me the discount...the only thing she couldn't do was give me a discount on the bleeker since the bleeker line was not a PCE item last time.
  10. update: i didn't exchange after all. i'm keeping my bleecker sig duffle! i even got a matching wristlet for it...:greengrin:

    but at least i know for next time. thanks everyone!!
  11. the policy for exchanges is...

    if it is the same style number, but a different color or different size(shoes) they will exchange it for you, no problem. HOWEVER, they cannot exchange different items for you, even if they are the same price. if they did... it was a exception, outside of the policy. they only make exceptions if they cashier or manager decides they don't care and don't want to deal with the customer's potential fit, or the customer already threw a fit and the manager just wants them to get out of the store.