PCE and Ebay

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  1. Yall should really check out the insane price gouging for PCE invites on eBay. I just looked and there are at least 2 of them wanting 30 bucks for a free coupon. Thats a bit mean spirited. I mean I can understand 5-10 but 30? That deeply cuts into any discount you may get.
  2. Makes me so mad.:cursing:
  3. happens every time.

    if you're buying, say, $1000 worth of stuff, totally worth it. too bad the buyers don't know that they can probably just ask an sa. oh well.
  4. you know, it really doesn't bother me. seems like simple economics of supply and demand...or something.
  5. I guess it all depends on the store they go to, but last year I remember a girl walked in with one and she said that her co-worker gave it to her, the SA told her that the coupon was non-transferable and she could not use it.
  6. I bought one for 10 just because I didn't want to risk asking, them saying no and me being stuck choosing between buying a large carly for 398 or just going home empty handed. So I decided to just spend the ten, thats a more reasonable amount. But that 35 dollar listing was the first one up, like the day they hit the mail boxes and still nobody has bought hers. To me that would be a sign.
  7. Thats awful! Seriously, why would someone do that? Let the girl get her bag at a price she can afford!
  8. So I'm assuming there's nothing on there like a name or special code?
    Do all of them look the same?
    If I don't get one this time around I think I'll seriously cry.
  9. I've been loyal to Coach since 1986 and the first time I received a PCE card was in March. I was traveling like mad for work and didn't use it. I hope I get one this time. That Large Carly in black leather MUST. BE. MINE!!!
  10. If I recall correctly, the coupon does not have any personal information on it, just the envelope it comes in. I've used someone elses and they never blinked an eye.
  11. i cant belive that some people put a price that high...but hey its all up to the bidder
  12. totally agree....if the sellers can find buyers, good for them

    some people dont shop at coach enough, but are going to spend several hundred dollars. $30 is nothing for that discount
  13. Yeah I guess if thats what the market will bear but jezz, 30 dollars. I was in full blown shock when I saw it.
  14. I saw those PCE cards on eBay last night.

    From what I remember from the last PCE, I know there are great girls on here that will give them to a needy TPF'er if they aren't using them!