Pce 2/16-2/24

  1. As a preferred Coach customer, I would like to invite you to visit any Coach Full Price store and receive 25% off your total purchase during our Early Spring event days Feb 16 through Feb 24 2008

  2. Wow I thought it was March!
  3. Oh my goodness, I need to get this!!!
  4. me too, but surprise! i got my card just right now in the mail... :o)
  5. I just checked, not here yet..but it is sometimes late...I'll keep checkin!!!
  6. Anyone not using it and would like to give it to me. please PM me
  7. oohhh - already? :nuts: If anyone isn't going to use their card, and is willing to part with it....pm me. I know there is a chance that I can get the discount w/out the card, but I like to be sure especially since the tattersall tote and zip wallet need to come home with me after the 20th. THANKS:ty:
  8. Hmm I hope I get one... I wasn't really expecting to buy any Coach so soon but if I get it I def. will use it!
  9. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!! I hope I get another invite this time!!!!!! WOO!!!!!!
  10. nooooooo! i'm not ready yet! i need it to be in march! argh!
  11. Mine was in today's mail! :smile: Now I have to figure out what I want...
  12. :nuts: Really???!!!!

    **Running off to call home to have someone check the mail!***
  13. Doubt I'll get this one either :confused1:
  14. So is this the Outlet Customer PCE? Or the other one? Anybody know?

    nvm, somebody already posted that it's for Outlet Customers. Darnit, I'm not on that list.

    I'm not loving the fact that outlet customers have first crack at a discount on spring merchandise that might be in limited quantities (yes i'm bitter, i live nowhere near an outlet)
  15. I hear ya tanukiki...I thought of you when this popped up...I am in the same boat...I never get one either!!! :cursing: