PCA Skincare

  1. I just started this program on Friday and today my skin looks like crap. My skin is flaking all over the place.

    I should've stayed with Dermalogica.

    Hopefully I will get my money back for what I spent on this stuff.
  2. I don't know anything about that line of skincare but it sounds like it is exfoliating. That might not be a bad thing. Are you red and irratated or just peeling?? If you are just peeling I would say it may be doing its job and ride it out a little.
  3. ITA. I hated PCA. I got it from my dermatologist. It made my skin really red and irritated. I gave it to my mom and she loves it.

    I love Dermalogica. Have you tried the Microfoliant (I think that's what it's called). It's good and doesn't irritate like PCA.

  4. On Friday, I had a facial and microdermabasion(first time doing this). My skin looked great on Friday and Saturday. Sunday I washed my skin with the products that were suggested and my forehead, near my nose, cheeks and lower jaw areas were peeling. I couldn't even go outside yesterday because it was that bad. I've never had this happen to my skin before.

    My normal routine with products is wash, toner, a vitamin C topical cream, eye cream and sunscreen during the day. At night the same routine minus the sunscreen and added a hydrating balm.

    I've never had bad skin.
  5. ^My appointment was on Thursday instead of Friday. So Friday and Saturday were good for me but Sunday wasn't.
  6. I did some research on the PCA line and noticed that it has a high concentration of Alpha Hydroxy acids and lactic acid which are both tough exfoliaters so it my just be taking off that top layer of skin for you and it may get better. I had something similar happen when I used a AHA product once. I just didn't want you to waste your money if you couldn't take it back. Sounds like you had much better luck with Dermalogica. Much luck to you. Take care.:smile:
  7. Thank you. I am going to give it a go for a few more days and see how things work out.
  8. My facialist/ esthetician forced me to buy the face wash when it just came out in the market and I hated it! I have a combination/ sensitive skin and it
    made my face dry and irritated! :cursing:

    She sold a set to my sister also cause my sister had problem skin then and it made her skin worse! :push:
  9. My skin is combo and sometimes it can be sensitive.

    I talked to my esthetician today and she said that the peeling was from the microdermabrasion. And that it was a good thing.
  10. I didn't like PCA either. I got it from my dermatologist as well when I was having flare ups (thank God I don't have it anymore). It irritated my skin like hell but did not make my skin look any better. In fact, it was worse.
  11. I actually have pretty good skin. Getting older I guess I needed a tune up. LOL