1. Ladies, can you help me? I am so confused.

    No matter how many threads I look through, I can't find the answer.

    How do I become a PC? What do I have to do?

    I am new to this site, but I have enough Coach bags to start a mini store. I can't believe I have never been offered this program.

    I am very intrigued.
  2. Do you shop at the boutique and have a sales associate who normally helps you? Is your name in the system at Coach? Do you receive catalogs from them? If not that is where I would start. Find an SA at the boutique to help you with your future purchases and hopefully you will get an invite next round. If you don't, you can always ask.
  3. I am in the system and I get the catalogs. The problem is we have so many Coach stores and places to buy Coach where I live, that I don't think I have ever bought stuff at the same place twice.

    I have bags from 5 different Coach stores and a few different department stores as well. I guess I will have to learn to be consistent. I never realized this existed.

    What exactly does this program get you?
  4. you get 25% off all your items you purchase
  5. Aaah! Next time I buy something, I am just going to flat out ask what I can do to get in, can't hurt right?? The most they can do is not let me participate.

    Am I the only to ditz to have mulitple Coach bags and not realize this?? I just am very hard core when I shop, it's like I am on a mission. I never stopped to think there would be discount cards. And no one has ever offered it.

    Come to think of it, mostly all my girlfriends buy Coach, none of them have it either. I feel hustled now lol.
  6. Yea they mail them out every 3 months or so and the event last for one week. it shouldnt matter if you shop at different stores because i have seen people on here that get 2 invites from 2 different stores. I remember when i got my first one i had only bought from that store.
  7. Are they like wedged in the catalog? Or do they come in their own envelope? I am wondering if it is something I have and accidentally thrown out! I'd cry lol.
  8. they came in their own envelope its small like a postcard
  9. I guess if your name is on the system, they may give you the discount. Tried this last time (cuz I didn't bring my card to the other store) and they still gave it to me.

  10. :confused1:
  11. This isn't a program you can enroll in. It's something random, to the extent of my knowledge, that they do.
  12. They actually have 2 tiers of PCE... the "higher" tier is 30% off, sent a week before the second tier or 25% off. I actually think it's on spending amount during any given time.