PBS Haute Couture Special

  1. There is a really fascinating special currently airing on PBS entitled "The History of Haute Couture." Much of the documentary focuses on Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld. I certainly cannot fathom ever being able to afford haute couture, but I can appreciate what goes into making it. There are some good interviews with women who buy haute couture and they have some really interesting things to say. They consider haute couture as wearable art and an investment, much like an expensive painting. They also keep track of when and where each piece was worn so that they keep it in pristine condition and many donate their pieces to a museum after several years for a tax write-off. I would check this out- its airing on PBS several times in the coming weeks. Enjoy!
  2. I saw part of this program. It was very informative. I always wondered about couture pieces -- who in the hell would wear something so out there. Well, they don't, per se. Pieces are customized/modified so they can be worn. The "club" is also talked about in great lengths. Ha, ha even the elite rich want bargains. If they are thin enough to fit into the runway dress, they can have it for 30% less. Dresses run from $100K to $250K. (choke) Had read prior and the program mentions the House of Chanel has bought some of the businesses that specialize in flower making, jewelry, etc. to preserve a waning specialty. The haute couture business has dropped like a rock over the past 40 years.

    One of the club members said they don't want to see someone else wearing a copy of their dress. It's done, finished. If they see a celebrity has something, they don't want it. Interesting special! (Anyone got something Chanel they don't want, I'll be accepting toss offs gladly, lol)
  3. Thank you for the "heads up"! I will TiVo this!