PBL's lucky day: A Tohu Bohu lover's reveal

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  1. It would seem that I am tardy to the Tohu Bohu party having only one small TB item in my collection of orange boxes! But yesterday, as I walked through the airport terminal, the Hermès logo caught my eye in the Duty Free shop. Out of curiosity, I decided to see what items were available. As I gazed through the display case, I turned my head to the left and there she was, in all of her Tohu Bohu wonder, 2nd row, 3rd one from the left - the unmistakable random pattern of colors and letters of the most loved street address in the world of Orange.

    What was it? A 2008 TB twilly? A 2010 TB twilly? A TB notepad puzzle? A TB bracelet? A TB ashtray? No.

    So just what was it? Yep! You guessed it TB fans, it was a brand new…
  2. Ohhhhh, what is it!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Please do tell (and show)!
  4. the notepads I bet!!
  5. …90cm noir Tohu Bohu carre! I can't believe they still had one!


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  6. PBL: You found the needle in the haystack^ :yahoo:
  7. What a beauty! Congratulations on finding it. I would love to "stumble' on one too!
  8. OMG, you are so very lucky!
    go hurry and get youself a lotto, maybe you will hit a jackpot!

    many many congrats!
  9. Stunning! You are sooo lucky. Congratulations!
  10. cashmere GM
  11. Lucky find!!! It's a fabulous scarf!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  12. oops missed the photo before I posted... What great luck and a beautiful scarf. Enjoy.
    I love Tohu Bohu
  13. Congratulations! That is a major find. I too love TB
  14. Wow!! Brand new in all its gorgeousness - it was def meant to be.
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Enjoy it in all happiness!
  15. wow - congratulations!