PBC reporting Live from Vegas again!!

  1. hi ladies!!! just got into vegas. and of course, before we even checked into our room, I dragged DH with luggage in tow to H to say hi to the SAs and to peek at their inventory. on display was a 28cm rouge garance togo PH kelly! any takers?? didn't get a good look around at the other stuff cause DH was rushing me. he kept saying "hurry babe! I only have 2 hrs to play with teresa tonight!" teresa is his fave dealer @ bellagio and her shift ends soon. geeeez! not like he won't get to play with her 8 hrs straight each day for the next 2 days! anyways, I did notice a 25cm diamond blk croc kelly, which has been there for awhile and also a blk croc KP with diamonds. ok, that's all for now. I need to unpack and will go back down shortly. more later...
  2. Have fun PBC!!! Can't wait to hear what else they have! :yahoo:
  3. I love to hear PBC's reporting from Las Vegas! Can't wait to hear more from you, PBC!
  4. have fun in vegas pbc!
  5. Have fun, PBC! Can't wait for you to return for more.
  6. Have fun and hope your DH will win Big!!
  7. Have a great time PBC!!!! Best of luck to Mr HotCakes at the tables!!!
  8. Wish I was there! How hot is it?
  9. Sounds like so much fun!! And that is some serious loot!!!!

  10. OMG i bet they were all really gorgeous! have a fabulous time and lots of fun PBC, thank you for the update!
  11. PBC - whta's the stayus of your bag at home? fedex delivered? MIL feasted on it at the mahjong table with her gal pals? give us the latest scoop.

    of course, we wont get to see it till next week - UGH! have fun and hopefully DH wins!
  12. Sounds like it's going to be another great Vegas trip!!! Can't wait to hear more!!
  13. Have fun PBC! Looking forward to your reports.
  14. Have much fun in Vegas (and Hermes :graucho:) PBC :yes:
  15. I love your updates! I wish your hubby some big winnings...