PB tote

  1. hi all!

    i've been looking for a great, versatile, chanel bag and i definitely found it. i know a lot of people don't like this line too much, but i love it!

    (courtesy of chanelboy's thread)

    i was wondering if anyone knew where i can purchase this asap? Nordstrom, chanel boutiques, Saks, etc? is there a waitlist? and how much it is precisely? i'm willing to do a credit card charge order over the phone.

    let me know!
  2. I think Nordstrom at Mall of America have this a while back. Chanelboy (Lucas) posted it here... you might want to give him a call. 952-883-2121
  3. You shoudl try NM San Antonio as well
  4. thanks for your input! i PMed chanelboy and NM mall of america still has it. i think i'll order it from him in a few days =)
  5. you're welcome... glad that u found one!
  6. please don't PM SA's about stock.
    Call the store, but don't get him or you introuble by doing business via PM, it's not allowed.
  7. Is PB a permanent collection ?
  8. sorry, swanky. i didn't know :shame: