PB NM Stock.........

  1. Well I finally got to see some Bbags in person for the first time. They had a lot to choose from. From what I remember:

    Original Hardware:

    India Blue City (gorgeous, gorgeous color in person, much more vibrant than pics)
    Rouge vif Day
    Truffe Day
    Truffe City
    Grenat Mini Bowling
    Truffe Large Bowling
    Camel or Truffe Mid Afternoon


    Days in Black, Cafe (gorgeous, smooshy leather), White, Neutral, Vert Gazon
    Citys and Part times in Truffe, Vermillon, Vert Gazon
    And lots more I can't remember it all.

    The # is 800-884-6137

    By the way, the vermillon is an orange red where as rouge vif is a blue red. But definitely not as orange as the pics.