PB help!! SOS!

  1. I got a call from my SA today for PB in BJ that I have been waiting so long arrived! What is you guys opinion BJ on epsom? I saw PB in white on epsom. It was really like thick plastic/paper ..I (and my DH) didn't like it at all. BUT I love my epsom wallet in brown. So, I am thinking maybe only epsom in white feels like thick paper/plastic feeling with the color, not in other color? I didn't see BJ Paris Bombay in person! What do you think? Should I get it?

    Please help! I waited like 6 month for this bag!:hysteric: SOS!!!!!!
  2. The only epsom that I ever liked was in a 25cm Birkin in potiron. On the whole, I would pass on this leather. I don't think it was well received and judging by the many comments on this board alone, it is not that well liked. Many, including myself, think it has a plastic look to it. Perhaps I like the 25 because it was small and not too much of it. I saw a 35cm Kelly in BJ the same day and hated it and thought it looked fake! I have this feeling that the leather will be discontinued.

    However, the proof is in seeing the actual Paris Bombay bag. You might really like it as you do the wallet.
  3. I personally do not like epsom (or any stamped leather), but the stiffness of epsom is probably good for the shape of the PB.
    I don't know what other leather they would offer in BJ for the PB.
  4. Aspen, I would take it, I like epsom in BJ and white, I though the leather takes these color great, it does have a plasticky feel, but if you didn't mind your brown espom wallet, then you should be having no problem with the BJ PB in epsom !! If you secided to take it, please share pics :heart:!!! :flowers:
  5. aspen, I don't particularly like epsom too. I am however in love with vache liegee. If I may choose, I would only have VL, box calf or chevre.
  6. I am not an epsom fan, either. I particularly don't like it in larger pieces, such as the PB. You didn't say whether it's the GM or PM size. I prefer the PB in vache liegee over epsom. Although you waited 6 months for the bag, you should see it IRL before you commit to it. Epsom in a color such as BJ can look very plastic.
  7. It's PM size....Thank you for thoughtful advice, everyone..! I am still:hysteric:
  8. I like Epsom the least aswell:shrugs:
  9. I've never seen Epsom in BJ. It's not my fav leather because I like soft and squishy like togo but I did like the Rouge Garance Epsom HAC I saw once. :flowers: It might be nice in the PB!
  10. Epsom in Blue Jean is quite pretty, reminds me of sky blue.

    But, I'd still take blue jean in ostrich or croc instead of regular leather
  11. NO EPSOM! That leather should be discontinued instead Barenia or Box!!! Aspen,.. please pass!! There are so many other leathes to choose from for the Bombay. I have a PM PB in VL and I love it! It is so sturdy and light. It keeps it's shape very well. I love it so much! The smell also drives me crazy (in love) :love:
  12. My Bearn Wallet is Epsom and BJ. I don't like it as much as the first day I purchased it because I have studied it so much. I find it to be so PLASTIC! I know it's leather but something about it is keeping me off.
  13. I want epsom in fuchsia, it's a very pretty lighter pink color ... If I ever need a casual thresh around heavy duty Hermes bag, I'd go with epsom (cheaper than chevre and ostrich at least):idea:
  14. Wow! You guys are sooooooo helpful!

    Baggaholic, your PB is really gorgeous! I love VL leather...(It's pricy though..) Many of members here are getting PB nowadays! So, I was excited to get a phone call my BJ PB arrived, BUT as soon as SA said 'epsom', I was like:wtf: :sad: :crybaby: !

    I should pass it this time...:s
  15. I love my epsom Paris Bombay in rouge garance! I don't think I would do a kelly or birkin in the leather, but I think for this bag it's great for me! I agree though, it's a personal decision..