Pazt - Your collection is amazing!

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  1. Pazt, I just found the pictures of your bag collection in the reference thread. I would be speechless, except that I had to post this thread to ask you, beg you, implore you, to tell us some of the stories behind this incredible collection!!! Which was your first? Which is your absolute favorite! I hope I'm not embarrassing you, but my golly :upsidedown: !!

    ps - any ideas how to enlarge the pictures? (wiping the drool off my keyboard :yes: )
  2. Yes Paz all i can say about your collection is WOWOWOWOWOW! And please do tell us about the stories behind the bag. :smile:
  3. pazt i will have to vote third in favor if you have any anecdotes or experiences that stand out in association with any of the bags. thanks for posting those beautiful pics.
  4. Pazt.......I continue to go back to your beautiful bag collection and DROOL!!!! Serious Drooling is happening here in California! I too would love to know some of the stories behind these fabulous bags.....please??????
  5. Just gone to have a peek at your collection patz and wow they are an amazing bunch .... well done you for aquiring such beautiful bags...:smile:
  6. thanks guys........i will go back and try to upload each. this was created to simplify and save space. but what the heck, they do came out small. we'll re-do later.

    these are 3 years worth of collection that started after developing a really good relationship with my SA at hermes after i bought my ever first hermes item, a capecod dual time watch with orange strap (extra long strap for double wrap).

    and boy, did my hubby made a big mistake of driving me over there!! and i think he secretly regrets it to this date! LOL!
  7. :drool: :drool: :drool:
  8. Please post stories behind each bag....I love to hear how each "Beautiful" bag got adopted into your family.

    Everything is Stunning, and like a beautiful piece of art to look at.

    Thanks for sharing!
  9. It seems im the only one who cant view pictures of your collection!!
  10. Absolutely stunning collection Pazt!!! What a lovely variety you have. We are Vert Anis Togo twins. I have to say I am so surprised at how often I've been carrying really goes with so much more than I ever thought. It's a new favorite!
  11. pinkish_love i can't either, i guess cuz it's on flickr
  12. Lovely collection, Patz!!
  13. thanks guys! you can view my collection on REF : MEMBERS HERMES ITEMS pages 7/8.

  14. pazt
    unfortunately flickr is blocked in dubai so maybe you can repost them here using another server so that all dubaiis can view it too?
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Not open for further replies.