Paypal's seller protection policy

  1. So the policy states that to qualify the seller must send item WITH TRACKING. What is the definition of tracking? Does delivery confirmation count as tracking?

    I know that above a certain amount ($200 ?) you have to use signature confirmation to get a signature, but for low-priced items is delivery confirmation enough?
  2. nope, you need to use a postal service that provides a tracking number. if you don;t have a tracking number that proves that the buyer has received the item, you will automatically lose an "item not received" dispute. You only win if the item has been delivered. if a tracked item goe missing, you still have to refund the buyer and then make a claim with the postal service.

    it sucks, but those are paypal's rules
  3. confirmation is enough! That is considered tracking for lower priced items. If you ship with delivery confirmation that is enough for paypal.
  4. under $250. otherwise you need signature confirmation.
  5. Can you get delivery confirmation without a tracking number is USA?

    In the UK you have to send something tracked (only costs 68p more) in order to get the delivery confirmation you need to qualify for seller protection.
  6. miss-thing: in the US delivery confirmation gives you a number that you enter on the postal website that confirms that it was delivered to that address...with the date and time. For US Paypal that is all that is required.
  7. so you and I were talking about the same thing all along