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  1. Has anyone of you used PayPal before? Is it safe?
  2. Yes it's safe. I haven't personally used it but my friends use it all the time and they haven't said anything negative about it. But you may want to get some other opinions on this :smile:
  3. It's safe..I buy and have recently started selling on ebay and it's really easy to do. It's actually really good because if you as a buyer have a dispute with the seller, paypal can and will get involved after 30 days as long as you report it. As for other things, it's very secure for bank transactions as well as credit card transactions.
  4. worked for me too! more convenient i think... better trust just one company rather than a few random ones.
  5. It's safe, you can buy things over the internet using your creditcard or bank account without sharing the numbers/personal info. I use it all the time, it's really fast & easy.
  6. I use it all the time for ebay and no problems to report as yet!!!:biggrin:
  7. I use it all the time for eBay and international money transfers, it's pretty safe (even comes with its own "guarantee" for eBay auctions, so you're somewhat protected against fraud).
  8. Could you do international money transfers thru Paypal? I've only ever used my CC when Paypaling. With wire transfers, I go to my bank and do it thru them. If you could do it with PP, could you pls fill me in on what's required. That would save me lots of time and hassle:smile:)
  9. I use it connected to my CC. I had a problem last year and just called Amex and got my money back.

    SS you might call them and see what the story is with wire transfer, but I have no idea. BTW my witchery stuff shipped on the 17th! woohooo!!!!
  10. Iv'e used PP since it first came out and the only prob we've has is when we signed up for their own credit. Nothing but mistakes on their end and we suffered for it. Paypal actually called my house on a Sunday morning asking about $20 they said we owed them
  11. i used paypal a few times. Easy. Believe it is safe. :smile:
  12. Yeah, I too have only ever used it with my CC. I don't think they offer wire transfers.. Not from what I've read up on their website. Maybe she meant funds transfer from the PP account, like putting funds from a linked bank acct to our PP acct and then paying via those "available" funds.

    Hey, good to hear they've shipped your items!!! Wow, they did take their time to ship, huh? Let me know when you receive them and I want a review on those snake flats!!! I was only gonna buy some boots for winter but those flats are calling my name, lol!:lol:
  13. I use it all the time with eBay, and I used it when I sold my mc Wapity on LJ...quick, easy, and it protects us on both ends. I would definitely recommend using it.
  14. You need to add your checking/savings account to Paypal including the full account number and bank routing number. It can take a few days.