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  1. Hi all.

    I am thinking of signing up for a Paypal account so I can shop online. Is it safe? I want to link it to my debit card account so I can shop online and stuff. Do online stores like, etc accept Paypal?

  2. It is extremely safe. Have no fear.
  3. OK, well I signed up for an account but when I went to enter my bank account info, it asks for Bank Transit and Insitution number. The thing is, it is a Savings account and I don't have cheques so is there any other way to know the transit number?
  4. Unless things have changed in the past month, no Sephora doesn't accept paypal.
    I know does. Alot of mineral makeup stores do.
  5. You should be able to find it on the website somewhere. I know our bank site has it under the member information page
  6. what do you all think about paypal holding EVERY payment now for 21 days??? I am not a fan of paypal but the other options are not much better :o( I don't even sell designer stuff AT ALL, I do however sell the occasional oddball item like a lava lamp lol...but with the new changes with them holding EVERY payment no matter what it is for really bothers me :o( What do all of you think about this?
  7. They're holding EVERY payment now ??
  8. Yeah I got that email as well. Its annoying. I mean i get holding a large payment, but a small one is over kill in my opinion
  9. In order to get Pay Pal to stop acting as an escrow company, which is what a 21 days hold amounts to, you need to file a complaint with you state attorney and let them know what Pay Pal is going.

    Pay Pal is not licensed as an escrow company. So they don't have legal right to do what they are doing - it's why they are being sued in a new class action suit.
  10. OP paypal is super dooper safe :biggrin:

    and what the heck? Since when was paypal holding amounts for 21 days?
    I transfered my money out asap the other day? :wtf:
  11. Unless this has changed since last week, when I receive 6 different auction payments and withdrew them right away, this is not correct.
  12. They also hold ALL my payments, for 21 days or in the case of E-bay- until buyer has left positive feedback...
    I think it is if you are a relatively new seller, i don't think they hold payments for people who have had selling accounts for a long time...
    But yes- Paypal is safe, it is in my opinion more use to you as a buyer rather than a seller...
  13. What if your $ isn't eBay related? They still hold it?
    I have 2 PP accounts and haven't received any e-mails about this.
  14. My funds have never been put on hold- I've been using paypal for 10 years. I just sold something last week and it cleared right away... I see that it's only for new sellers?? That stinks!
  15. You must be right, just a minute ago I just transferred $1,050 out of my Paypal account that was just paid to me last week.
    No holds on mine.