Paypal ?

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  1. It's been soooooo long since I set up my own paypal account - 01 maybe? I have a brand new 0 feedback buyer who says she is having a hard time getting her bank account set up through paypal. My auction clearly states paymnt thru paypal only to a confirmed address. Does anyone remember how long this took for a new account?? She only has 7 days to pay me...... says she called them & they told her to keep trying?? I'm just wondering how much time I should give her. This is her 1st purchase on eBay so I want to be helpful if I can & patient, I also want to get paid on time!

  2. I don't remember having to wait at all - if I did it wasn't more than a day...
  3. I just set up a 2nd eBay and PayPal account for purchases, so I can keep everything separate from my seller account and it was done within minutes. I did have a buyer recently who claimed that it was going to take 4 days to fund her PayPal account, which could be the case if your buyer is not planning on attaching a credit card to it. I think that's what happened with my buyer. She paid me as soon as the money became available in her new PayPal account. It does take a few days to link your checking account because they make two small deposits into your checking account that you have to verify before the two can be linked together. As long as she is communicating with you, I'd give her the benefit of the doubt.
  4. I set up a new payapl account just recently and it took me 5 days before the confirmed my address.
  5. Thanks guys! She must have worked it out because I got paid!! Yay and her address is confirmed:smile: Gotta love brand new ebayers who actually read the requirements & follow through! And now that you mention the small deposits thing I vaguely remember having to go through that as well.
  6. Glad to hear it worked out for you! There are some good ones out there! :smile: