1. I think Paypal is the very best payment option for buyers and sellers. Am just wondering why its so difficult for international sellers to get the money in their balance. They should have a US bank account which is difficult to obtain for foreigners
  2. I have to say I hate Paypal now - too many problems. The buyer has only to report a bag not received or as described and Paypal reverse the funds without any feddback from the seller. They very rarely side with a seller in disputes. I try not to use Paypal at all now.
  3. I totally agree!!!!

    I sold a bag to someone in the U.K. and the day after I sent it she emailed me that she didn't want it anymore. I told her that I had already mailed it and left it at that. Now 2 months later it is comming back to me because she never picked it up and was "not available" when they delivered it twice. She claims she was home and noone came. In the meantime she filed a claim with paypal for non receipt of bag and they put me in the negative!!!!! How is that fair!!!! I sent paypal all notices form the P.O. about the attempted deliveries, but they don't care. I am so angry over this unfair treatment. Basically, the buyer can just do what she wants and I get penalized. The bag is on it's way back and I will have to refund her. Time and money lost on my side.
    Paypal just doesn't care.

    I signed up with Paypal, but it seems buyers prefer Paypal. I would like to not use paypal anymore, but I think it would hurt sales.

    Anybody here just use Bidpay?
  4. Whoa...can someone please explain how pay pal works? i never sold anything before and recently, someone has sought me out and wants to purchase something. i ma terrified now because pay pal doesnt side with the seller? i am sorry if this question seems repetitive but i would really appreciate it if someone can explain it to me.

    thanks so much!!
  5. "I signed up with Paypal, but it seems buyers prefer Paypal. I would like to not use paypal anymore, but I think it would hurt sales."

    I meant I signed up with Bidpay. Sorry
  6. Miss Alice,
    My experience with paypal had all been good until this. I had heard of all the problems with them always sideing with the buyer, but had not been affected. I have heard how they do chargebacks too, without contacting the sellers. I am sure that others will come along with thier experiences. It has been a really frustrating experience for me!

    Look into Bidpay, I don't think they operate the same way. I think most buyers prefer to go with paypal though because of that protection. I don't know, I wish there was a better option.
  7. hi Sabi, thank you for your reply. a fellow TPFer contacted me and was interested in buying something. she seems very nice and sincere and we did all the pay pal thing. i accepted her funds (the funds is now on my paypal balance but i was not able to withdraw it bc it exceeds 500USD) now, i am leanring all the downsides of pay pal so i dont know what what i should do. i was not able to ship the item yesterday and i was orginially planning to ship it today....but, now i am thinking perhaps i should refund her the money via pay pal (since i have not withdrawn it yet) and ask her to do a wire transfer?? but my question is, if i refund her the $, do i lose the commission fee pay pal deducted from me??

    what should i do??
  8. ^BUYING and selling on the PF is not permitted....

    Its against the rules for TPFers to contact other PFers here to sell/buy...
    Its fine OUTSIDE the PF though..Just to clarify....
  9. Jill, i am NOT buying and selling on TPF! i am only ASKING about pay pal/ bank transfers bc i DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO, and i am asking for pp's experiences with both methods.
  10. Miss Alice,
    I don't get how Paypal has the right to not allow you to withdrawl YOUR money!!!!

    I think though that you can withdraw it in smaller sums. You need to check with them on that.

    As far as the fee, I don't think they keep it, but again, check on that. Just don't tell them your reason for refunding.

    Good Luck
  11. be very careful
    they can freeze your funds and limit your account on a whim, your money is then kept by them for six months
    type in paypal horror stories into google
    you should be able to withdraw the total amount , I would be worried about posting your item out until the funds are withdrawn and into your account
    because even if you withdraw them paypal can reverse that action days later
    I detest paypal now, but until you have a bad experience you think anyone that complains about them is bad which they are not
    paypal is a nightmare
  12. I hate Paypal also, they frozened my 3 accounts with totally £2000 in them for 180 days to avoid the chargeback risk. I mean it is not my fault that my buyers pay using their credit cards, and it seems to me that transactions have credit cards involved will be classified as 'high risk' by them, this is just horrible, I will NEVER in my life use paypal ever again!
  13. O.K., so the questions becomes what to use? Do you think that if you don't use Paypal you'll drive away buyers? Many do not want to use Check or MO. They want the security of Paypal (with good reason since they are ALWAYS on the buyers side) and the convenience of a fast transaction. So what are the options?

    Has anyone used Bidpay with good results? I am tempted to get rid of Paypal and just use Bidpay, but I am afraid of isolating potential bidders.

    Any thoughts or ideas?
  14. i would love to use bidpay
    but they dont take american express so i cant
  15. chrystal my heart goes out to you
    Please do file a complaint with the fisa ombudsmen I have
    and win or loose it will cost paypal 380 pds and they wont like that
    Its horrific , Paypal is no ones pal
    except E bays pal