Paypal won't let me use my Credit Card without using all of my Balance

  1. Is this some new thing? I have 2 credit cards in Paypal and like to keep a balance so most times I switch to "other funding options" and use a credit card. Tonight it wouldn't let me. I had to use my Balance. It opted to let me add a CC but when I tried it said it was already in Paypal. It also told me that my paypal balance was my PRIMARY payment method. Since when?

    I went looking into Paypal and found this. What does this mean????

    [​IMG]</IMG> How can I make a payment without taking the money out of my PayPal balance?

    Question : Answer : [​IMG]</IMG> Just make an eCheck payment from a confirmed U.S. bank account. eCheck payments draw the full payment amounts from your U.S. bank account.

    If you have a PayPal Plus Credit Card or PayPal Buyer Credit account, you can switch your payment method to one of these options and your PayPal balance will not be used.

    To send an eCheck, follow these steps:

    [​IMG] Here's How: [​IMG]
    1. Click the Send Money tab.
    2. If the payment is for an eBay item, click the Pay for eBay Items subtab and follow the directions.
    3. Enter the required information.
    4. Click Continue.
    5. Click Change under the Payment Method heading.
    6. Select the eCheck radio button.
    7. Click Continue.
    8. Review the information and click Send Money to complete your transaction.

    To use your PayPal Plus Credit Card or your PayPal Buyer Credit account:

    [​IMG] Here's How: [​IMG]
    1. Click Send Money from within your PayPal account, Pay Now from your eBay listing, or begin checkout from your merchant's website.
    2. Enter the information needed and continue with your payment.
    3. In the Payment Method section, click the Switch Now button to switch to your PayPal Plus Credit Card or PayPal Buyer Credit.
    4. Make sure all the information is correct.
    5. Complete the payment.

    If you click the Change link, select PayPal Plus Credit Card or PayPal Buyer Credit as your payment method, your PayPal balance will be used first in most cases. Click the Switch Now button to fund your purchase entirely with your PayPal Plus Credit Card or your PayPal Buyer Credit account.

    Note: When using your PayPal Plus Credit Card or PayPal Buyer Credit account to pay for a Promotional Finance eBay item, your PayPal balance will not be used first.var solutionBaseUrl = '/helpcenter/main.jsp;jsessionid=Gm7XPj0Dgb6bMmZ7Kxs8Mb9scSQDNpCS6HGT0hJJg2tZTvHfBTtG!-1452704562?t=solutionTab&ft=browseTab&ps=solutionPanels&locale=en_US&_dyncharset=UTF-8&cmd=_help&serverInstance=8003&solutionId=';var transactionFragments = document.getElementsByName("transactionFragmentForm");var solutionLinks = document.getElementsByName("solutionLink");atgss_loadFragments(transactionFragments);atgss_modifySolutionLinks(solutionLinks);
  2. I feel for you because I've experienced this misjustice on a number of occasions. I think it unfair that PayPal dictates my method of payment. :tdown:
  3. I looked around and it seems they want you to apply for a Paypal credit where they pay your paypal payment to the seller but then you pay a seperate company for your paypal payments. It acts like a credit card and you don't have to pay off the balance all at once. I have plenty of credit cards! I don't want a PAYPAL credit card!
    So does this mean I can no longer use the CC's I put into paypal?
  4. I don't know where I have been or when this changed. I've been using paypal for almost 9 years. I always have kept my balance but seemingly that changed sometimes in the last month. This is in the user agreement now.
    The only way to keep your balance is to transfer it to another paypal acct, pay by credit card, and then transfer it back in...and I'm not jumping through hoops like that.

    3.3 Preferred Funding Source. If you would like to select a Preferred Funding Source, you may do so each time you send a payment or establish a Recurring Payment. You may select a Preferred Funding Source by clicking the link on the payment confirmation page and selecting from your available Funding Sources. If you have a Balance in your Account, your Balance will be used instead of your Preferred Funding Source. The only exception is that you may select eCheck or Buyer Credit as your Preferred Funding Source instead of Balance. If you have a Balance and do not want to use it to fund your next payment, you must withdraw your Balance before initiating your next payment.
  5. I have always found this to be true. I just shift the money out into my bank and then pay by cc. I never keep money in my paypal account. And never pay using the balance -- only by amex.
  6. Ive been with Paypal since the days that they were x dot com. Paypal balance has always been used first when making a payment.
  7. ^Agree with best, for me also, it has always been that the paypal balance must be used first if there is one and the remainder can be put on the card.
  8. Nope, you have to use your balance thats sitting there, unless you have a PayPal Visa or Mastercard Credit Card, then you can use that and let the balance sit. I never let a balance sit in my PP account, especially with their history of freezing sellers accounts just because they decide they want to see tracking info for your buyers or receipts for your bags. They did that to me twice. So the minute I get a payment, I withdraw all of it.
  9. I feel for you too. PayPal just recently caused me to overdraw my checking account. I purchased something knowing that I didn't have a PayPal balance and thought my credit card would kick in, which is what I wanted to do. Well, apparently that's not what happened and they went for my checking account next and my bank put the charges through and charged me overdraft fees. I called PayPal to see if there was any way to have the option to pay via credit card and first they told me that the hierarchy for payments is PP balance->checking acct->credit card. Then they guy told me that if you pay through the "send money" tab you can choose to pay by credit card. I checked and that doesn't work either. Thanks PayPal!:cursing:
  10. I just did a test run on this using the "Send Money" tab. It gave me the change funding options just like it always has and I switched to a credit card on file. I took it all the way through to the send screen then canceled the transaction, but it worked fine for me. I don't have anything in my Paypal account though. I'm like the others: I yank every cent out the second I see someone has paid me. Too risky to leave it anymore.
  11. I can pay with my cc, it will use up your paypal balance first, I don't understand that either. Best advice is to transfer your paypal balance back to your bankaccount. If you send it to another paypalaccount you will have to pay paypalfees (at least that happened to me)
  12. I TOTALLY agree with this! I will let $50-100 sit in my account, just because I'm always buying little things on ebay, and it makes sense. But if I receive a payment for a bag or something expensive, I always withdraw it right away. Once I had some idiot file a paypal claim over a $400 piece of jewelry that she had not recieved 5 days after the auction ended (and she was overseas!). Paypal froze the money in my account for a month! And of course she recieved the item the next week and just waited out the month for the claim to lapse, lovely buyer. Money sitting in your paypal account does nothing for you unless you're going to spend it immediately! Plus, if you withdraw it, then you can use a credit or debit card that offers cash back for your bigger purchases.
  13. This definitely sucks. I've ran into this problem before... now whenever i receive money in my PP account, I immediately transfer the cash to my Bank account
  14. I think I'm like everyone else -- I yank any money out of my account as soon as I get it. When I buy, I always have a zero balance, and use the credit card option. I found out the hard way that it uses the balance first.
  15. One trick is to send the money to an email account you control that isnt linked to paypal. After you make your payment, just cancel or refuse the send.